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184. So Easy?

As they walked along the bears watched some of the small boats moored next to the wooden walkways being prepared for sailing.  They saw the owners put on their life jackets and loosen the ropes before starting the engines and expertly guiding their crafts between the others.  "It all looked so easy," commented George Bear.  "Yes," said Cassandra with a smile, "when you know how.    Today is lovely weather and smooth sailing but it can be a bit choppy when the wind blows. When a gale is expected the harbor is closed to traffic as it could be dangerous."  Theodore shook his head.  "I still don't think I would like to be in such a small boat," he said and the others laughed but agreed with him.  "No," said Jeffrey and Cassandra, "we would rather be on firm ground." They walked on, went out through the turnstile and headed homewards. 

Tomorrow's Plan

That evening after supper Theodore was very thoughtful for a while then he said, "Cassandra, I have really enjoyed spending time with you here.  Thank you so much for everything and especially for taking me on the cruise today.  That was a lovely trip but tomorrow I must be on the move again.  I still have my Super Special Concession Ticket so would like to go to the airport and catch a plane.  George and Jeffrey, it was good to see you too and I hope you will still have many fine opportunities to attend special events with your suits and flags."  "It was wonderful to have you here, Theodore," said Cassandra and George and Jeffrey nodded in agreement, "and I hope you will visit me again one day. We will come with to the airport tomorrow to see you off. For now we need to catch up on some sleep and maybe dream of faraway places.  All this talk of traveling gives me itchy feet to go too."


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