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127. At the Seaside

Theodore and Oscar Bear were relaxing on the beach and enjoyed listening to the soft, soothing sound of the sea.  Now and then they lifted their hats off of their faces to say something to each other and they sat up to sip some fruit juice.  More people had come down for a swim and further along a few boys were sitting on the rocks with fishing poles in their hands.  Theodore wondered if they would ever catch a fish and watched for a while to see if anyone was lucky.  Children were playing baseball or running races.  "What a lovely place to spend some time, Oscar, and if I lived here I would come to the beach every day," said Theodore. Oscar just smiled knowingly.  They lay back on their towels, put their hats over their faces again and Theodore was thinking about all the many places he had seen.  He thought he felt a light tap on his shoulder.  "I must have imagined that," he thought and then it happened again.  A little more definite this time.

126. The Preparations

Theodore Bear decided that his yellow bow would be just right to match the bright sunshine and tied it around his neck. Oscar was waiting for him with bottles of juice and the towels. "Theodore," he said, "I think it would be wise for you to also use these as the reflection of the sun on the sea and sand is very strong and not good for your eyes.  I will be taking mine too," and he handed over a pair of sunglasses and a big straw hat with a feather on the brim.  Theodore laughed at the idea of himself with sunglasses and a hat.  "Thank you, Oscar," he replied, "I will take your good advice."  Then they were ready and set off for the beach. Oscar found a sheltered spot and smoothed the sand so they could spread out the towels.  They sat down and sighed, "How nice to do nothing at all!"  After looking around for a while they lay back on the towels and put their hats over their faces.

125. Another new Plan

The next morning Theodore was up early and quietly opened the curtains.  He sat at the window to watch the sun come up over the sea and was thrilled to see the golden sunlight shining on the waves.  He saw the lovely white sandy beach and the many palm trees with their fronds swaying slowly in the gentle breeze.  "This is so peaceful," he thought to himself and then he heard Oscar busy in the kitchen.  He went to help him get breakfast ready and Oscar told him about his plan for the day.  "Would you like to go down onto the beach, Theodore, we just need to walk across the road and then along the path under the palm trees.  We will take some fruit juice with and two large striped towels to lie on so the sand does not get in our fur.  The sound of the waves on the shore is so relaxing and later on in the day when it gets hot we can find a shady spot under the trees."  "That would be wonderful, Oscar," Theodore answered and he smiled broadly at the idea.

124. Homeward Bound

Theodore and Oscar Bear spent the whole day downtown just walking around and looking at anything that caught their fancy.  They read some of the menu's outside the cafés, stopped to admire a street artist's sketch but shook their heads when he asked if they would pose for him and spent time looking at an exhibition of photographs of the city.  Theodore could even recognise some of the places that he had seen in the morning.  "Maybe we should catch the train home now," said Oscar, "later on when the businesses close it is very busy and the trains are full. We can sit on my balcony and watch the sun go down.  That is so pretty when there are a few clouds about like this evening as they turn quite red.  Once it is dark there are coloured lights along the beach walks and that is lovely too."  "Excellent idea," agreed Theodore, "I will enjoy that. I like to look at the sea."

123. Downtown again


Oscar Bear wanted to show Theodore all the interesting sights of the big city. They walked around and looked at the enormous variety of goods available in the shops and markets, they ate their lunch in one of the beautiful parks and Theodore enjoyed sitting under the big shady trees watching the squirrels running up and down the stems.  "Everything is so green here and there are so many palm trees," he said, "it is very different in the desert where I live.  It is hot there too but this is a humid heat so I need to wipe my brow often with my red spotted handkerchief," and he smiled at the thought. "Those are very dark clouds coming," said Oscar and stood up quickly, "I think we need to stand under that roof across the road.  The rain will be falling any minute."  Theodore picked up his back pack and he and Oscar ran for cover.  "We will be dry here," Oscar panted, "look, there are the first big drops on the sidewalk already."  A loud clap of thunder overhead made them jump in fright but the storm was soon over and the sun shone brightly again.

122. The Train in the Sky


"We will go downtown by rail," said Oscar Bear as he and Theodore were walking to the station, "have you ever traveled on a train that runs on a rail above the streets?"  Theodore was intrigued by the idea and then noticed the pillars supporting the rail with the blue train rushing along the tracks.  "No, not yet," he said, "this will be another new experience." And it was. They took the escalator up to the platform and stepped into the coach when the train pulled up quietly.  It moved off just as quietly and Theodore looked at all the very tall buildings passing by.  They were taller than he had ever seen before and seemed to almost touch the sky.  "We will get out at the next station," said Oscar, "and walk around among the skyscrapers and look in the shop windows. You will notice that  most signs are written in two languages and if you take note you will soon learn a few new words."

121. I see the Sea

Theodore Bear could hear the hum of the traffic in the street below and remembered that he was in a new city.  He rushed over to the window and looked out.  He saw all the cars and trucks and buses speeding along the road but was fascinated by the lovely view of the sea and the beach.  The deep shade of blue looked so restful and the waves ran out onto the sand, making the birds fly up when the water became too deep for their short legs.  A few early morning swimmers were riding in on the waves and Theodore marveled at their good timing.  Oscar was soon up too and at breakfast he suggested a plan for the day.  Theodore brushed his fur and wore his blue bow.  "This matches Oscar's blue suit and it will help me to feel cool too," he thought, "I will only take my red spotted handkie and the bottle of honey with today so that my back pack is not heavy."  But Oscar asked if he would please put the lunch bag in too and then they were ready.

120. Meeting Oscar again

The yellow light on the button stopped flashing and Theodore heard Oscar Bear's deep growly voice coming out of the panel.  "Who is there?" he said.  "Theodore Bear," came the reply.  "Come on in,   take the elevator to floor number six and I will be in the passage watching for you," said Oscar and the front door clicked again.  Theodore found his way easily and soon met Oscar.  "I am so pleased to see you, Theodore," said Oscar and held out his paw in greeting, "I wondered when you would be in my part of the world so I can show you around. Come inside and feel at home."  "Thank you, Oscar, it is good to see you too. I have been traveling for a while now and I have lots to tell you," replied Theodore, "I never imagined there is so much to see in the world."  Oscar made a big pot of honey tea and placed a bowl of blackberries on the table between them.  They sat there telling each other all that had happened since they met at Merlena Bear's birthday party. It was very late when Oscar said, "Tomorrow we will explore the city."  And soon the two bears were fast asleep.

119. The Magic Panel

"Now, let me see if Oscar Bear is at home," said Theodore to himself while walking up to the glass front doors of the apartment block.  He pushed the door but almost bumped his head as it did not move.  The door was locked!  "Oh no, how will I find Oscar here in Palm Court if I cannot get inside," Theodore worried and frowned. He wondered what to do next when a lady came up behind him and she pushed a button in a big panel on the wall.  Suddenly a voice spoke out of the panel, the lady replied and then there was a loud click at the door. She opened the door and went in but closed the door quickly behind her again.  "Maybe I had better have a look at that magic panel too" Theodore thought and started reading the names on the list. At last he saw Oscar's name at Number 36 and a yellow light flashing on the button next to it. Theodore pushed that button and waited.

118. Palm Boulevard

Theodore Bear was pleased to see the bus waiting at the stopping place outside the airport entrance.  He climbed aboard and spoke to the driver.  "Good day, Sir, I am going to Palm Court.  Will you please stop there for me?" and thus it was arranged.  More passengers arrived and soon they were on their way. Theodore looked around as they went along. They were driving in a wide palm-lined street at the beach front and Theodore was fascinated by the waves with their white foam caps  breaking onto the sandy shore.  He saw the birds flying overhead and guessed those must be sea gulls looking out for something to eat.  The terrace cafés were crowded with smiling patrons and children were having fun on the playground equipment.  The bus began to slow down and the driver called, "Palm Court on the right."  Theodore got off and stared at the beautiful, big building in front of him.  "Oscar Bear lives in a lovely place.  He can look at the sea all day," Theodore smiled.

117. Some Advice for Theodore

"Good day, Sir, can you please tell me how to get to Palm Court in Palm Boulevard?" Theodore Bear asked the man at the Information Desk.  "Take the blue and white striped bus at the entrance and ask the driver to stop for you at Palm Court," the man said while writing in a big book and then he looked up. "Good gracious me, a Bear!" he exclaimed, "whatever are you doing here?" Theodore smiled at his surprise and explained, "I am traveling to see the world and my friend, Oscar Bear, lives here so I have come to visit him.  He lives at Number 36 Palm Court."  "That is wonderful," said the man, "have fun here.  This is a real holiday city and the sun is always shining, except when the wind is very strong or a thunderstorm comes!  Then you must take shelter quickly or you will get very wet." "Thank you, Sir, I will remember that," said Theodore and he went out to find the blue and white striped bus.

116. The Flight has just Landed


The aircraft flew lower and lower and Theodore Bear could get a good view of the city from the air.
He noticed the many trees and green places, the tall buildings and the harbor full of big ships and he spotted the airport with the long straight runways.  They flew around to get into position and came in to land.  Theodore felt the wheels touch the ground with a gentle bump and race along the runway. He heard the engines and the brakes slowing the plane down until it was moving slowly along to the front of the airport building.  When it stopped Theodore loosened his seat belt, took his back pack and cane from the baggage bin and got off the plane with all the other passengers.  He walked along with them to the Arrival Hall and was glad that he did not have to wait for more luggage to come in on the conveyor belt.  He found his way to the front of the airport and went over to the Information Desk.

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