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13. Theodore and Ferdinand

Ferdinand Bear was already waiting at the park gate when Theodore arrived and they set off together to go to Merlena Bear's birthday party.  Theodore was looking very forward to that and chatted to Ferdinand along the way.  "You have come a long way to visit Merlena.  How did you get here?" he asked.  Ferdinand explained that he had come by train and had traveled all night.  "I enjoyed the trip very much," he said.  "The bunk bed was very comfortable and I had a good sleep but unfortunately it was dark so I could not see the countryside as we passed."   Theodore Bear was impressed.  "I think I will also take a ride on a train again as I have not done that in ages" he said and rubbed his paws together at the thought.  Soon Ferdinand pointed to a quaint little house ahead of them and said, "Look, that is where Merlena lives.  Ha ha! She has tied a whole bunch of bright balloons on her gate so everyone will easily find the place for her party!"

12. Theodore's Day in the City


The day passed quickly for Theodore Bear.  He walked around the city and looked at everything.    He was amazed to see how many people came out of the shops and offices when it was 5 o'clock and time to go home.  The streets were jammed with cars and there were long queues at the traffic lights.  "I am very pleased I do not have to drive in such heavy traffic," he thought and wiped his paw across his brow in relief.  Soon it was time to get ready for Merlena Bear's birthday party.  He opened his rucksack and then brushed his fur until he looked very smart.   Theodore took off  his bright green bow and placed it carefully on top of the others in the back pack.  Then he unpacked his fine purple bow and tied it around his neck.  He helped himself to a sip from the bottle of honey he had brought with and then he was ready to meet Ferdinand Bear at the park gate so they could go to the party together.

11. A Surprise Meeting

Theodore Bear sat up a little straighter on the park bench and narrowed his eyes to see clearly who was coming along the path.  He could hardly believe what he was seeing.  "Well now, if it is not my old friend, Ferdinand Bear!  Hello, how nice to see you.  What are you doing in the city all dressed up in that smart blue tie?"  Ferdinand smiled and clapped his paws with pleasure.  "Hello, Theodore, fancy meeting you here." he said, "I have come to the city for my cousin, Merlena Bear's birthday.  She is having a party tonight and I am sure she would not mind if you came with me.  Would you like to do that?"  Theodore looked serious for a moment.  Then he said, "I don't wear ties but I have a very smart purple bow in my backpack.  I would love to come with you."  And so it was arranged – Theodore Bear was going to a party.

10. Theodore takes a Rest

"Good day, Lady, can you please tell me all about your city?" Theodore Bear asked at the INFO office,  "I would like to spend some time here."   "Good day, Mr Bear, how nice of you to visit us.  Here is a booklet about our city and it has a map in it so you can find your way around."  Theodore had a quick look at the map and saw that there was a park with big shady trees close by.  "I think I will go there and rest a while. It has been a very exciting day so far,"  Theodore said to himself and walked around the block to the park.  There were large green lawns and neat pathways in between the trees.  "They surely work very hard to make sure this park looks so good," he thought and spied a bench in the shade.  "I will sit down there and enjoy listening to the birds."  Theodore put his back pack on the bench next to him and looked around.  It was all so peaceful – but look! There is somebody coming.

9. The Big City


Theodore Bear waved good-bye to the driver as the big red bus slowly pulled away from the kerb.  Then he just stood still for a while and looked at all the beautiful buildings around the edge of the square.  Straight ahead stood the City Hall, a big stately building with a tall clock tower.  To the right he could see the arched doorways and shaped gables on the Public Library and the proud statue of a statesman in front of it.  "That looks as if it was all built long ago," said Theodore to himself.  Then he took note of the modern buildings on the other side of the square.  "This city is lovely and clean with no old food wrappers and papers lying around," he thought, "I like it here and want to see more of the sights.  Maybe I should ask somebody where to go."  Theodore saw a big sign over a side door at the City Hall saying INFO and he walked over to ask some questions.

8. A Ride on a big red Bus

Theodore Bear was having a wonderful time looking at the scenery as the bus traveled along the road to the city.  Soon the houses were closer together and the buildings were much higher.  Theodore could see all the windows in the blocks of apartments and began to count the number of rows above each other.  "Six, seven, eight" he counted, "it must be very strange to live so high up and look down on the cars and people.  I will have to go to the top of one of those buildings to see what the ground looks like from up there" he thought.  The streets were wide and each one had a signpost on the corner with a name on.  "I hope I will not get lost," and Theodore felt a bit worried for a moment.  The driver steered the bus around many corners and then came to a stop at a large open square.  "Last stop," he called. Theodore thanked him for the ride, bade him good-bye and got off the bus. 

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