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7. A Special Ticket

Soon Theodore Bear saw some people standing next to a pole with a sign on it.  When he got nearer   he could read what was on the sign.  BUS STOP  it said.  “Ah! This is where I wanted to be,” thought Theodore and he joined the others who were waiting there.  It did not take long before the big red bus came rumbling along the road and stopped to pick up the passengers.  Theodore waited patiently until last as he had been the last to arrive there and then he climbed up the steps into the bus.  The driver was surprised.  “Well, well.  Good morning, Mr Bear, welcome on my bus.  This is the first time I have had a bear ride on my bus and you look so smart with your lovely green bow.  You may have a free ticket and do sit right up here on this seat next to me so you can look out of the front window and see everything.”  “Thank you, Mr Driver,” said Theodore and he was so happy to meet such a helpful bus man.

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6. So much to see


Every now and then Theodore Bear would stop to have a closer look at something while walking along the sidewalk.  He liked to see the tidy gardens with their neatly raked white stones and the newly painted houses with their different colors.  Some gardens had big shady trees and some even had swimming pools.   Theodore thought it would be a good idea to keep some fish in such a big pool of water.  Bears like to catch and eat fish too.  But he knew that the people who lived there would not like to swim with fish!  He watched the lizards darting up the walls and over the stones to catch some insects to eat and was surprised to see how fast they could run.   Birds flitted from tree to tree and some sat on the prickly cactus plants with their big thorns.  “They are very clever not to prick themselves” Theodore said to himself, “I am glad I do not have to get close to those thorns.”

5. Strolling along

Theodore Bear could hardly believe that he was starting out on such an exciting adventure.  It was a warm sunny day without a cloud in the sky.  He hummed a little bear tune as he walked along the sidewalk next to the busy road and was enjoying himself immensely.  He saw all the big trucks and cars going by.  The drivers were so friendly and many honked and waved to Theodore.  He smiled broadly and waved his paw in greeting.  A boy on a bicycle stopped next to him to chat for a few minutes.  “Hello, Mr. Bear”, he said, “where are you off to?”  Theodore told him about his plans to see the world.  “Oooo! Wonderful” said the boy and waved good-bye as he rode away.  Theodore thought about how much fun meeting so many new people would be and he was looking very forward to arriving in a big city.

4. Let’s Go!

On this beautiful morning the birds greeted Theodore Bear at the front door and sang a sweet farewell song for him.  “Chirp, chirp, tweet, tweet,” they sang, “Have a great trip, take care on the street. Catch a ride on a bus, but come back to see us.”  Just for a second Theodore Bear felt a touch of sadness to be leaving the place he knew so well but the excitement of seeing new sights made him smile and wave a happy paw.  “Cheerio, my Birdie friends, I’ll travel till the path ends. Then I’ll come back, with my little rucksack.  I’ll bring a surprise for you – or maybe even two,” he said in a friendly growly voice and hurried off to see the world.  Just like the man on the radio had said.

3. Getting ready

Theodore Bear was feeling really excited about his planned trip now that his list was ready.  “I will get out my little rucksack and dust it off as I have not used it for a long time.  Then I will pack all my bows in it and my brush. Today I will wear my green bow as that is the best one to wear for the start of a journey.  Green means Go,”  he thought.  In a short time all the bows and the red spotted handkerchief were neatly stacked in the rucksack.  “Oh, I need some food for the road too,” he remembered and quickly added a jar of honey into the rucksack, being very careful not to crease his bows and handkerchief or flatten the brush.  He fastened  the buckles up carefully so that nothing could fall out and get lost.  He took a stout walking cane from the holder and then was ready to set out.

2. Planning the next move

Theodore Bear awoke and stretched before getting up.  He ran over to the window and pulled open the curtains.  Bright sunlight poured in.  “Today is the day,” Theodore Bear said to himself,   “I am going to get ready to go travelling. Clever travellers first need to make a list of all the things to take with so that nothing is forgotten.  But I want to travel light so I do not have a heavy load to carry.  Now let me think. Where should I start?  Oh yes, with my bows, all of them in their different colours.  One for each occasion.  And I must take the brush for my fur so that I will always look neat and tidy.  Maybe I will meet some important people and then I do not want to look scruffy.  And my red spotted handkerchief – that could come in very useful.  That is all.”

1. Theodore has an idea

All was still and quiet.  A gentle sigh could be heard and Theodore Bear was yawning.  “Oh, but I am so bored today,” he thought to himself and stretched lazily while making himself comfortable to doze off for a nap.  A radio was playing quietly in the background and suddenly an excited voice called over the air, “Travel, my friends, travel!  See the world today. You will never regret it!”

Theodore sat bolt upright and for the moment all ideas of sleep were forgotten.  Once again he was thinking to himself, but this time very differently.  “Travel, that man said.  You will never regret it, he said.  Hmmm, now that could be interesting.  I think I will take myself off on a journey to all the wonderful places there are to see.  But first I will take a nap and dream about faraway places.”  And he settled down to slip into Dreamland.

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