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186. Packing for the Next Journey

Theodore Bear said Good-night to Cassandra and Jeffrey and George and soon all was quiet in the house.   He got out his backpack and opened it.  "It has been such an exciting day but I think I had better pack up tonight to be ready to leave after breakfast in the morning," Theodore thought to himself and picked up the honey bottle.  "Dear me, this is nearly empty, there is only a sip or two left," he sighed, "and somehow my bows are starting to look a bit creased after being carried around in my backpack for such a long time. Oh no, my blue one is fraying and coming loose. I had not noticed that before."  Theodore tried to spread his bows out nice and straight on a cushion for the night and then placed his brush and the red spotted handkerchief next to the backpack.  "I will wear my green bow like I always do for travelling," and Theodore smiled at the thought.  He hung his walking cane on the arm of the chair.  "There that is all ready.  Now for a good sleep," and Theodore settled down for the night.

Theodore Remembers

Theodore Bear put out the light and made himself comfortable.  He could see the big golden full moon shining through the window and then closed his eyes.  But he just could not fall asleep.  He turned over.  "Today was so exciting," he mused and began to think about the lake and the big ship.  Then he thought about Jenny Bear and Miss Festival Bear and the concert and the fireworks.  "That was so enjoyable,” he remembered and was still wide awake.  Earth Bear and the beautiful Mountain Park and Daisy Bear, Oscar Bear and Timmy and the sandcastle and the four bears, Frederick Bear and that wonderful drumming evening, Duty Bear at the big airport, Benjamin and Barbara Bear's little guesthouse, Ferdinand  Bear, Hernando Bear and Merlena Bear's happy birthday party. . .  One by one all these lovely memories flooded through Theodore's mind and he re-lived the amazing travels and experiences he had had and all that he had seen and learnt.  "What good friends I have. I would so like to see them all again soon," and he sighed a deep contented sigh and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Theodore's makes up his Mind

The next morning Theodore was awake early.  He jumped up and rushed over to his backpack.   He took out his Super Special Concession air ticket and looked at it carefully.  "Yes, it is still valid for one more flight," he said to himself, "and the idea I had in the night is the right one.  The clever people say you should sleep on an idea and that is what I did.  I will tell Cassandra and George and Jeffrey about it at breakfast and I am sure they will like my new plan."  Theodore quickly brushed his fur before arranging the brush and the red spotted handkerchief next to each other in his backpack. "Hmmm, these look a little straighter today," he said as he picked up his bows from the cushion and placed them all gently on top.  He fastened the buckles carefully and then tied the green bow neatly around his neck.  He heard that the other bears were up too and it was time to join them  around the table under the big tree again.  "Good morning, Everybody," Theodore greeted and smiled broadly.

Theodore's New Plan

"Good morning, Theodore," the bears replied and Cassandra said,  "Please, help yourselves to fruit and nuts and juice.  There is also raspberry tea if anyone would prefer that."  Breakfast was a happy occasion and soon Cassandra asked the question on everyone's mind.  "Theodore, we are seeing you off at the airport today but you still have not told us where you are going.  You have such a cheerful twinkle in your eye this morning – what are you planning?"  Theodore smiled again and began, "You will be very surprised to hear where I am going.  I have a new plan and from here I am heading home!  Yes, indeed, I am going back to my little house in the desert, but not for long.  I have a special plan and I will tell you about it now."  "Well, we are surprised," all three bears said almost together, "we thought you would be travelling for a long time still and visiting all the exotic places in the world.  What is your plan?  Please tell us."

Till we get Together again

"Last night I almost felt homesick!" Theodore Bear said with a sheepish smile. "I was thinking about all the wonderful Bear Friends that I  met at Merlena Bear's party and then spent lovely times with along the way while travelling and I would so like to see them all again.  It will be my birthday soon so I thought I would go home for a while and invite everybody to come and celebrate it with me.  Cassandra, Jeffrey and George, you are the first ones to get your invitation and please do come.    There will be a birthday cake and plenty of snacks and we will sing and play games and Frederick Bear and I will show you how we learned to drum together.  I am so excited I can hardly wait.  You will come, won't you?"   "Yes, yes, of course we will come," all three bears shouted together.  "What a marvellous idea, Theodore, we can hardly wait to see everybody again too," they said.  And the bears were so happy that they linked paws and danced around the table together. "A Party, a Party, oh what fun. That's as good as said and done." they sang in deep growly voices and cheered and shook paws. Then it was time to set off for the airport.


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