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139. Angela Bear's Suitcase

Theodore almost thought he saw the blonde bear blush as she hugged the little blue Teddy Bear before giving it back.  "Oh, Bobby," she said shyly, "you are teasing me again just because I am so far away from home.  Yes, my name is Angela Bear and I came from a far country to visit a friend. I was traveling around sight-seeing afterwards and now I am also working for Dr Storke.  I wear this bright pink sash and deliver messages about little girls.  Today I have three gifts to give away."  Angela opened the small suitcase that was standing on the grass next to her.  "See, this lovely little dress with pink rosebuds embroidered across the front.  Here is a fine white jersey with pink rabbits on the buttons and look at these."  She held up dainty snow white satin slippers with a pearl on the front.  "I love giving them away and seeing the happy smiles they bring on people's faces."

138. Bobby Bear's Story

Theodore and Oscar Bear looked at the big blonde bear who was wearing a similar blue sash with a message on it. "I am Bobby Bear," he said, "and my story is much the same as the one that Pedro told you except that my real home is a lot further north where there are high mountains.  It is very pretty there but it does get awfully cold and snowy in the winter and then my family and I take a long nap until it is springtime again.  I wanted to live where it is warmer to see what it is like not to sleep so much and here I am.  It is my job to deliver messages too and in this bag I have some lovely gifts to give away to the little boys who have just arrived.  Look, here is a fluffy dog that barks when you press on his tummy like this." Bobby Bear laughed as he prodded the dog with his paw and then he took something else out of his bag. "And here is a tiny blue Teddy Bear," he beamed, "isn't he beautiful?" and he smiled as he passed it to the cute little blonde bear leaning against the tree next to him.  "Here, Angela, give him a big hug," he said, "he is so huggable!"

137. Pedro Bear tells some More


Pedro Bear was telling Theodore and Oscar his story and he stopped for a while, looking very thoughtful.  "That was my lucky day," Pedro went on, "Dr Storke asked us to come to his office, which we did, and he told each of us what he wanted us to do.  It took us three days to make up our minds but we thought that could be fun and agreed.  He gave us each a colorful sash with a message on it and mine is blue. It is also my job to record all the places we go to and the names of all the people we meet in these files that I carry around with me by day. I enjoy what I do as I see so many happy faces when I deliver my messages and everybody smiles and is pleased to receive them.  But now I will ask my colleague here on my right to introduce himself and tell you his story." Pedro turned to the blonde bear sitting next to him and smiled, "Your turn now, over to you."

136. Pedro Bear tells

"I am Pedro Bear, as I told you, and my home is actually further north than where we are now.  Some time ago I thought I would like to go on a long journey and at last ended up in a city.  I did not like it much after being used to living in the countryside and was planning to go back home.  On the day I was going to leave, quite by chance I met up with these three bears who were also feeling homesick. They had also come from other places and we were sitting in a circle under a big, shady tree just like this one telling each other where all we had been and what experiences we had.  We made up our minds to stay for a few more days and meet again the next morning.  We stood up and were saying good-bye when somebody saw us and came over.  'My name is Dr Storke and you are exactly who I need for my advertising company,' he told us excitedly, 'will you travel around and deliver messages for me?' and that is the start of the story of how I came to be here today."

135. Lunchtime

Oscar Bear and Theodore were equally surprised to see four bears in town.  "Yes, we do have time to spare and it would be lovely to sit under that big tree with you for a while," Oscar said and Theodore nodded in agreement.  They all shook paws together and told each other their names while walking over to the shade.  "Pedro, I think this would be a good spot," said Oscar as he and Theodore spread out their striped towels on the grass, "it is a little way from the path where everyone walks and thus nice and private."  They all sat down on the towels and Pedro Bear said, "I hope you do not mind if we eat our salads but we have our lunch break now and then we will have to leave again."  "We do not mind at all," Theodore and Oscar said, "but we are so keen to hear where you come from and why you are here in the city."  Pedro smiled and started his story.

134. Surprise Customers

Oscar Bear and Theodore stood still and watched the queue at the fast food kiosk, puzzling who the customers were.  "Nobody that I know," said Oscar, "but I think we must speak to them when they have been served." They sauntered along and arrived at the kiosk just as the customers walked away in the opposite direction with their bowls of salad.  "Excuse me," called Oscar and Theodore.  The four bears turned around and they were so  surprised to see two more bears in front of them that for the moment they could not think of anything to say.  "Hello," said Oscar, "I hope you do not mind us stopping you."  "Not at all," said the tall dark bear, "we are just so amazed to see you. Do you live here?  We are traveling and move on again later today.  If you have time, maybe we could sit under a tree together while we have our lunch and I can introduce myself and my three colleagues."

133. Hotels and Apartments

After Timmy left Theodore and Oscar dusted the sand out of their fur before they sat down on their big towels again.  "Who would have thought that I would come from the desert with all the sand to the beach where there is more sand and then build a sandcastle," said Theodore and laughed at himself.  "It is getting too hot here now. I suggest we walk along the path to the lawns and find a spot in the shade. You will be able to see all the big hotels and apartment blocks that have been built here at the beachfront for the tourists," said Oscar.  They put on their hats and sunglasses and folded up their towels before leaving. They strolled along and Theodore  looked at the beautiful buildings. "There must be wonderful views of the sea from so high up," he commented and then he stopped.  "Look, there in front at the fast food kiosk, Oscar, who do you think that could be?"

132. Well done, we say

Theodore and Oscar were quite impressed with the castle that they had built with Timmy and stood up to admire it.  They were all so busy that they had not noticed the crowd of people gathering around to watch the fun and were most surprised to hear applause.  "Well done, Sonny and your Bear helpers," they called out and somebody began singing, "For they are jolly good fellows."  Theodore and Oscar and Timmy hardly knew what to do so they just smiled and bowed and waved to the people.  The next surprise was not long in coming as before they knew it, the people had a wave rush in around their feet and it lapped right up to the wall of the castle before it receeded. Timmy quickly picked up his bucket and spade. "Thank you so much, Theodore and Oscar Bear, it was such fun to build a sandcastle with you but I must go home now. Good-bye," and he held out a little hand to shake paws with his new friends.  "Good-bye, Timmy, keep on building lovely big sandcastles like this. Thank you for showing us how to do it too," and they waved as Timmy ran on.

131. Accomplished Builders

Timmy filled his bucket with sand and turned it upside down on the corner of the pile of sand.  "This is for the tower," he said stacking yet more sand on top of it, "and this must be shaped round like a real tower roof."  Theodore and Oscar were learning all about building a sandcastle and they were having fun doing it.  Soon the roof and the tower were complete.  "Now we have to draw the doors and windows on the sides," Timmy told them and they each chose a side to work on.  Timmy clapped his hands with pleasure when it was all done. "The castle still needs the big wall around it," he said and dug up some more sand for Theodore and Oscar to start shaping before he came to help them. "Our castle should have a flag," said Timmy thoughtfully and looked around on the sand.  "Oh, there is a piece of seaweed.  It is nearly the right shape for a flag. We can use that."  He ran over to fetch it and stuck it in the space between the castle and the wall.  "Perfect," he said.

130. Under Construction

Theodore and Oscar smiled and stood up.  "Yes, we will help you build your sandcastle but you will have to tell us how to do it," they told Timmy as they walked down to the wet sand together. Timmy walked between them and asked the bears if they can swim, if they can surf and if they can use a fishing pole. "You have to put fat worms on to catch a big fish," he told them wisely, "and then you can fry the fish for supper.  Let's build here."  They all sat down on the sand and planned where the castle should be. Timmy said, "First of all we have to scrape a lot of sand together to make the castle.  Look, like this."  He began to dig in the sand with his spade and Theodore and Oscar helped to form it into a big square pile with their paws. "I have built many sandcastles with my Daddy so I know what to do," said Timmy trying to sound like an expert, "we can slope the top of the pile to make it like a roof with a point."  Slowly but surely the sandcastle was taking shape. They could do it nearly as well as Timmy could with his spade.  Then Timmy filled his bucket with sand and turned it upside down on top of the pile.  "This is for the tower," he said, "now we must shape it nicely with our hands. A tower must have a round roof, then we have to build the tower on the side and shape it.  After that we have to draw the doors and windows and do a big strong wall all around it."

129. Construction Plans

Oscar Bear wondered who Theodore was talking to and sat up to look. He was amazed to see a little boy sitting on the sand with a serious expression on his face.  Timmy looked over at Oscar and was not sure what to do but Oscar smiled and said, "Hello Sonny."  Theodore turned to Oscar and said, "This is Timmy and he is six years old. He wanted to see if we are real bears.  Timmy, this is my friend, Oscar Bear."  "Hello Oscar," said Timmy, "Theodore says he does not know how to build a sandcastle. Can you build one?  I can show you both how."  And without waiting Timmy jumped up and ran over to fetch his bucket and spade from where he had left it. "The sand is too dry here so we need to go nearer the water," Timmy said when he came back, "will you build a sandcastle with me over there?  A very big one with a tower and a wall around it?  Will you? Please!" he begged.

128. A Visitor

Theodore slowly lifted the brim of his hat with his paw to see what was tapping on his shoulder.  A small face was peeping back at him.  "Hello," said a voice quietly.  Theodore sat up and pushed the hat backwards onto his head.  A little boy was sitting cross-legged on the sand next to him. "Hello," he said again, "I am Timmy and I am six years old. Are you really a bear?" Theodore could hardly believe his eyes but he smiled and said, "Hello Timmy, yes I am a real genuine bear and my name is Theodore.  If you shake my paw you can feel my soft fur," and he held out his paw in greeting.  Timmy shook it and then stroked over Theodore's fur.  "I have never met a real bear before," he said, "what are you doing here at the beach?"  "I have come to enjoy being at the seaside just like you," Theodore told him, "this is a first time for me."  "Can you build a sandcastle?" asked Timmy.  "A sandcastle?   No, I have never done that before. Can you build one, Timmy?" Theodore asked.


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