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89. More Planning

"We will have to get up very early tomorrow to be in time to catch the bus so we must pack up tonight," Frederick said, "we will take something with for lunch and a bottle of honey tea for when we feel thirsty."  Theodore nodded.  "Good idea," he agreed, "I can take all the things out of my back pack and pack them in there.  That way I can carry it all easily"  Then Frederick looked thoughtful.  "We will be high up in the mountains where it will be much colder than here in the city.  I will lend you a beanie and a scarf to keep you warm.  I have spare brown ones for you."  "Thank you, Frederick," said Theodore, "that will be very kind of you.  I am looking so forward to this outing.   I will help you get everything ready."  Soon the back pack was full of good things to eat and Theodore had tried on the beanie and scarf.  "Ha ha," he laughed as he looked in the mirror, "these will keep my ears and neck nice and warm.  Sleep tight, Frederick, see you in the morning."

88. The Brochure

After supper that evening Frederick Bear was looking at the brochure on the table and Theodore was sitting next to him watching too.  "I have lived here for so long and I have always wanted to go to this Nature Reserve," said Frederick Bear, "but have still not been.  I think this is a good time to go and take you with so you can enjoy it too.  Look at these lovely pictures of all there is to see.  Mountains and lakes and trees and, if we are lucky, animals too."   And he turned the brochure so Theodore could see it better.  "I am sure it will be a wonderful trip," Theodore replied, "I notice here we will be able to do a short walk too.  Maybe we can see a moose as I have never seen one before."  "The bus driver will probably point out the best places to go," Frederick suggested, "he will have been there often before.  I hope it will be a very successful day for us."

87. A quiet Day

Theodore Bear and Frederick Bear slept later the next morning and the sun was quite high before they stirred.  Theodore went to the window as he usually did first thing in the morning and moved the curtain to one side to be able to peep out.  Another lovely day and a little robin was sitting on the letter box singing cheerfully.  Soon Frederick was up too and they got breakfast ready.  Sitting at the table sipping their fruit tea afterwards, Frederick sighed and said wistfully, "I still can hardly believe that you and I had such fun playing the drums with those musicians last night and something tells me that this morning they will hardly believe it either!"  "Ha, ha," said Theodore, "yes, that was fun and I think everybody else enjoyed it as much as we did."  Then Frederick smiled and said, "I propose it will be a quiet day for us today and we will just slip out for a short while to make some arrangements.  I want to organise a surprise for you."

86. What an Evening!

The hours passed quickly and soon it was almost midnight.  The violin player held up his hands.  "Last song," he called. Theodore Bear and Frederick Bear played once more with all the musicians and the crowd clapped and cheered for them when it was over.   Theodore and Frederick stood up and bowed with all the other players and then they shook paws all round to say good-bye.  "A great, big Thank You to everybody for this wonderful evening.  I will always remember your city where we had such a happy time," said Theodore and they all bowed again.  Then slowly the crowd began to leave and they were still singing while walking down the mall.  A tired but contented Theodore and Frederick walked home without saying much.  They were both lost in thought.

85. Music and more Music


Theodore and Frederick were having a wonderful amount of fun and the crowd around them grew.  It did not take long until the first clapping in time to the rhythm started and then a voice shouted, "Stop, Everybody, let's give three cheers for two clever bears!"  The crowd agreed and the cheers echoed all round the mall.  Theodore and Frederick both waved their paws to say thank you and then went on drumming.  The violin player came back and joined in with a melody and shortly after that the two guitar players came too.  The musicians in the band realised no one was listening to them any more and carried their instruments over to join the others.  The crowd loved them all and they smiled and clapped and danced with pleasure.  The music makers played all the old favorite songs and soon the crowd was singing along too.  What a happy evening it was.

84. A First Attempt

Theodore Bear and Frederick stood watching the drummer and in no time they started tapping their feet in time to the beat.  Tap-tap-tappity-tap and then after a while Tappity-tappity -tappity-tap, faster and faster.  "This looks easier than playing the violin," said Theodore, "I think I would like to do it too." and Johnathan stood up to offer Theodore his seat.  Theodore began to play and soon he was much more confident.  He played louder and better and then he called to Frederick, "Come Frederick, if I can you can too."  Frederick Bear was feeling adventurous, so he slipped on to another seat next to Theodore and soon they played together in perfect time.  "Wow, well done, you two," cried Johnathan and clapped his hands and tapped his foot in time to their playing.  The first listeners started to drift across the mall to see something they had never seen before – two bears drumming out a good rhythm.

83. Meeting Johnathan

Frederick Bear looked somewhat doubtful as he and Theodore Bear walked along with the violin player.  "Would you like to try to play something else, Theodore," he asked, "you can still refuse if you are too nervous."  Theodore thought for a while before he answered and by that time they were standing in front of the musician's friend.  "Johnathan, meet my new friends.  This is. . ." the violin player said, smiling sheepishly and turning to the bears, "I am sorry, after all that I forgot to ask your names!"   Theodore smiled, "This is Frederick," he said, "and I am Theodore," and so they got to meet the drummer with the tom-toms.  "Two Bears!" said Johnathan, "wonderful, pleased to meet you guys.  Can you play the drums?  You should manage very well with those big, sturdy paws," and he smiled broadly and looked pleased with his idea.   "Watch me for a bit to get the hang of it and then you try.  Look, like this," and he beat out another steady rhythm.

82. The First Music Note


Theodore Bear was not too sure about the idea that he should play the violin but he took it from the man and wedged it under his chin as he had seen. His paws were not very comfortable holding the instrument either but he gripped the bow and drew it slowly across the strings.  But Oh No!  It made a terrible sound and not anything like the sweet tones he had just heard.  Theodore felt so silly when everybody laughed and he hoped his face was not as red as his bow. The violin man shook his head,  smiled a little and took the violin that Theodore was holding out to him, back.  "No, I don't think this is the correct music for you but I know what you should be able to play very well.  Come with me to meet my friend over there and I am sure he will let you play with him."  Theodore and Frederick followed the man to see where he would take them.

81. The Music maker

Frederick Bear suggested to Theodore that they sit down on a bench for a while. They found a good seat close to the music makers and in a few minutes the violin player came over to them.  He played a song for them and then sat down on the bench next to Theodore.  "Now this is a special day," he said, "this is the first time I have had two bears listen to me play. What are you doing here in the city?"  Theodore felt a bit shy as so many eyes were now on him and he said, "Hello, Mr Violin Man, I am traveling around the world and my friend here brought me to see the big city by night. Thank you for playing for us."  "That was my pleasure," said the violin player, "I wonder, do you think you could play my violin?  Look, it's easy, you just hold it under your chin, press on the strings and stroke the bow across them.  Here, try." and he handed the violin and bow to Theodore.

80. Downtown after Dark

"Well, I would never have imagined it like this," said Theodore Bear and Frederick laughed at the surprised expression on his friend's face. "Just look at all those millions of colored lights," Theodore continued as if talking to himself, "some are flashing and some look as if they are running round and round.  The signs are all bright colors, red and green and blue like my bows and there are trees growing in big painted pots with geraniums trailing over the sides. Tables and chairs are set out in front of the cafés and everyone seems to be so happy and enjoying themselves.  Over here a band is playing, further along a violinist is wandering from table to table serenading the patrons and opposite two guitar players are strumming in harmony.  There is a drummer beating out different rhythms on his set of tom-toms and oh my, so many things to see that I hardly know what to watch first."

79. The Evening Plan

Theodore and Frederick walked home and relaxed over a steaming mug of blackberry tea before having their supper.  Theodore said, "That was a wonderful time in the museum, Frederick, and I will certainly visit some more on my travels.  I learned a lot about this area."  "Yes" answered Frederick, "the staff have worked hard to display everything so well.  Would you like to go downtown again this evening?  We could walk around some of the street cafés and listen to the music."  "Oh, that should be good fun," said Theodore "I like listening to music too."  And off they went.  The air was crisp and fresh and there was much less traffic on the streets.  Soon they came to  a pedestrian mall where no cars were allowed and Theodore stopped to just watch for while.  Frederick smiled and said, "Yes, this is what happens here after dark."

78. Look and Learn


Theodore Bear wondered what Frederick wanted to show him after their fruit lunch.  They made sure that all the peels were in the trash bin and then Frederick said, "I thought you might like to see our museum.  It is a very good one and there is so much to look at."  "That would be interesting," replied Theodore, "I have not been to a really big museum before," and they walked across to a tall grey building.  Theodore was fascinated by the collections of gems from the area, the displays of animal habitats and the cultures of the local peoples. He and Frederick read the information labels and looked at all the old photographs.  Best of all they enjoyed the section for the children where they could touch and feel the exhibits and watch wonderful nature films.  Suddenly Frederick Bear said, "The day has flown by and it is almost closing time so we will have to leave now. Let's go home for supper and then I have an idea what we can do this evening."

77. Blue Sky and Sunshine

The next morning Theodore Bear opened his eyes and stretched.  Then he jumped up to look out of the window.  The sun was peeping out behind the mountain and shining onto the brilliant white snow covering the peaks.  "That is lovely," he thought, "and with blue sky and sunshine it will be a good day."  Frederick Bear was soon up too and he suggested to Theodore that they take a walk to see the sights of the city.  "Good idea," Theodore agreed and after breakfast they left.  Theodore wore his red bow to match Frederick's suit and they looked very smart walking along together.  They strolled down the main street to see the skyscrapers and all the shops and restaurants, ambled along the river pathway and crossed the impressive arched bridge.  Theodore enjoyed the older suburbs with the restored houses and marvelled at the view from the top of the tower at the City Hall.  "Lunch time now," said Frederick, "let's walk over to the park and rest while we eat the fruit I brought with. Then I have something else to show you."


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