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23. Fun and Games

Hernando Bear, Merlena Bear's brother, was the Master- of-Ceremonies at her birthday party and he organised many games for the guests to play.  Musical chairs was a favorite and Theodore Bear was  given a round of applause when he was the winner of that game.   "Now we need a handkerchief for the next game," announced Hernando and Theodore quickly took the red spotted one out of his rucksack.  "That is perfect," said Hernando and started the game by running around the big circle of guests until he dropped the handkerchief behind someone's back.  How everyone laughed when Merlena was not watching carefully and did not see the handkie behind her.  She had to sit in the middle of the circle until the next guest was caught dozing!  Later on they played some guessing games and later still settled down to sing together.  One of the guests had a banjo and soon they were happily tapping their feet and clapping their paws in time to the music.

22. Happy Birthday


Hernando Bear made himself comfortable and told Theodore and Ferdinand all about his home in Europe and his flight on the big airplane to visit Merlena.   They were fascinated and eventually Theodore Bear spoke.  "Thank you, Hernando, now I understand why the man on the radio advised everyone to travel and see the world.  Maybe one day I will go to Europe and visit you."  "You will be very welcome," said Hernando, "but now it is time for us all to sing to Merlena and then play some games."   All the guests at the party stood up to sing "Happy Birthday, dear Merlena, Happy Birthday to you" and their deep voices blended together in wonderful harmony.  Merlena smiled and bowed, clapped her paws happily and blew many kisses to thank everyone.  Then the tables and chairs were moved aside and the fun began.

21. The Party

The room looked so attractive with pink streamers across the ceiling and a long table full of good things to eat.  A big birthday cake stood in the centre but there was only one fat candle on it so no one could guess how old Merlena is.  Large jugs of honey cooldrink were placed on a side table and  everyone was invited to help themselves when they were thirsty.  Soon Merlena came across with a tall, dark, handsome bear wearing a bright yellow bow .  "Theodore, I would like you to meet my brother, Hernando Bear.  He has come all the way from Europe to celebrate my birthday with me.  I am such a lucky girl," she said.  "How do you do, Hernando," said Theodore, "It is wonderful that you can be here too.  Look at the happy smile Merlena has."   Theodore pulled up another chair for Hernando to join him and Ferdinand so they could hear all about Europe.

20. One more Guest

All of a sudden there was a flurry of excitement.  The guests stopped chatting and turned to see what was happening.  Merlena came in with a wide smile on her face.  She clapped her paws together with pleasure and sang in  her lovely deep voice "Oh, what a happy day this is!".  "Look who has made it to my party after all," she said, "I really thought it would not be possible."  And from around the corner stepped none other than Earth Bear in his bright green suit with his trade mark bandana.  "Welcome, Earth Bear," said Merlena, "Let's all give him a big round of applause for coming such a long way on his bicycle."  All the guests clapped their paws in delight and there were shouts of "Bravo!" everywhere.  Earth Bear bowed and waved and said "Hello, Everybody." Now the party can begin in earnest.

19. A Long way from Home

Then Frederick Bear looked to his left at the bear with a bright blue bow, held up his paw and told the guests, "This is Cindy's friend who also prefers ice and snow to the tropics but he comes from another country and does not speak much English.  His name is Knut, spelt K-n-u-t.  And yes, you do say the K in front – like this, K-noot.  So please talk to him slowly so that he can understand you."  Knut also said, "Hallo" and waved his paw.  Ferdinand and Theodore shook paws with Knut a long time to be sure he knew they were pleased to meet him. "Hello, Knut," they said, "welcome, welcome."  All the bears chatted together.    Ferdinand and Theodore were asked where they came from and if they had seen much of the city yet.  They heard where all the other bears came from and what they did every day and soon they all felt as if they had known each other all their lives.

18. Frederick Bear's Friends

Frederick Bear smiled broadly and said, " I am pleased to have my special visitors here tonight.   They have come a long way to visit me and now we are doing some travelling together.  You will see that they are both wearing pure white suits and that is because they live even further north than I do where there is plenty of snow and ice."  He turned to the cute bear with a pretty pink bow standing at his right hand.  "This is Cindy," he said, " she went exploring up north and liked it so much she decided to stay."  Cindy smiled sweetly and said, "Hello, Ferdinand and Theodore. I am so glad to be able to share Merlena's birthday.  But I am getting very hot here where there is no snow."   Ferdinand and Theodore shook paws with Cindy and said, "Welcome in the south."

17. Getting to know each other

Merlena looked up at her friend and said, "This is Frederick Bear and he comes from way up north where it gets very cold in winter. That is why he wears a smart red suit to keep himself warm.  Frederick, meet Ferdinand and Theodore."   The bear standing next to Frederick laughed when Merlena said, " And now meet Oscar Bear, he lives where it is very hot and humid so he prefers a blue suit as that is a cool color."   "Pleased to meet you both," said Ferdinand and Theodore as they shook paws with each other and exchanged greetings.  They were all so happy to meet Merlena's friends.   Meanwhile two bears were standing quietly next to Frederick Bear.     "Frederick, would you please tell us your friends names," said Merlena Bear.  Frederick moved in between the bears and looked at each one.  Then he spoke.

16. More Introductions

After a while Merlena Bear came over and said, "I am sorry to interrupt as you seem to be getting along just fine but I would like to introduce Ferdinand and Theodore to two special guests here tonight.  Would you excuse us, please?" and she slipped a paw under each one's arm again.  They made their way over to some chairs near the door.   Two of the guests stood up as if they were waiting for the introduction.  "This is George Bear and this is Jeffrey Bear and they are specially wearing their patriotic suits tonight in preparation for the upcoming holiday," said Merlena as she turned to speak to them,  "Meet Ferdinand and Theodore."  They all smiled and shook paws and while chatting George and Jeffrey were delighted to show off their little flags that they had brought with them.  Merlena moved around the group and put her paw on a tall bear's shoulder.

15. Merlena's Guests

A happy buzz of voices met Merlena Bear as she entered the living room with Ferdinand and Theodore.  Merlena linked arms with them and took them across to a group of her friends. "Hi, everyone," she said, "meet Ferdinand, my cousin, and Theodore, his friend." And Merlena introduced her guests one by one.  "I will start with the ladies," she smiled and turned to a petite little bear who also wore a lovely pink bow.  "Meet Jenny Bear.  She is just visiting here for a while."  Ferdinand and Theodore bowed politely and said, "Pleased to meet you, Jenny Bear."  Standing next to Jenny was a sophisticated lady dressed in a fashionable costume.  "This is Cassandra Bear.  She is from  a very big city and she is wearing her favourite colours tonight – purple and pink.  Don't you think she looks beautiful?" said Merlena.  Ferdinand and Theodore bowed again and respectfully said, "Good evening, Ma'am."

14. Meeting Merlena

Theodore Bear followed his friend, Ferdinand Bear, along the path to the front door of Merlena Bear's house.  They rang the doorbell and waited.  The door opened and there stood Merlena with a big smile to welcome them.  She was wearing a brand new bright pink bow and had clipped a pretty pink flower into her fur between her ears.  A real Birthday Girl. What a stunning picture she made.  "Hello, Merlena, Happy Birthday," said Ferdinand, "this is my friend, Theodore.  He is visiting here and I asked him to join us."  "Thank you, Ferdinand.  I am pleased to meet you, Theodore, and I am so glad you have come.  Please feel at home at my party,"  said Merlena and they all shook paws with each other. "Come and meet everybody."   "Happy Birthday, Merlena," said Theodore, "I wish you everything of the best."  And they followed Merlena into the living room.


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