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115. Arrival Time

Theodore Bear shaded his eyes and looked out of the airplane window. "I did not know that the sea is so big," he said to himself, "I cannot see any land at all, not anywhere." He looked at the other passengers and they all seemed to be very relaxed, some were sleeping and some were reading.    "Hmm, so everything must be alright," he thought, making himself comfortable in his seat and listening to the quiet hum of the engines.  Soon he was dozing too.  Later he peered out again and far in the distance he could see a thin white line along what looked like land.  "A coastline," he decided and watched as it came closer.  He noticed that the plane had begun to descend and now he could clearly see the beach and the green countryside as they flew over it.  A big city came into view below the aircraft wings and the pilot announced that they would be landing shortly. "It is hot and humid," he said, "but enjoy your stay in the city."

114. Flying is Fun


Theodore Bear paid careful attention when the hostess explained the safety regulations and looked at all the instructions on the pamphlet.  He saw the hostesses coming up the aisle with a big trolley and they asked him if he would like breakfast. "We can offer you a bowl of mixed fruits," they said.  Theodore was very pleased and that was delicious.  Then they came again and brought him a cup of hot raspberry tea.  "Thank you, I will enjoy that," Theodore said and sipped it happily, looking out of the window every now and then.  He saw cities and villages, fields and forests, rivers with ships sailing on them and lakes.  Soon the land ended with a strip of white sand and then they were flying over water.  "I have never seen the sea before, only in pictures," Theodore thought to himself, "but I am quite sure that was a beach and this is the sea.  It is so blue and seems to stretch forever."

113. A Very Important Passenger

It was all so exciting walking up to the aircraft. Theodore saw two pretty ladies in smart uniforms standing in the doorway.  "Welcome on board, Mr Bear, you are sitting in 1A," one said and the other hostess showed him to his seat next to the window.  She helped him put his back pack and cane in the baggage bin above his head and explained how to use the safety belt.  "Thank you," said Theodore politely.  He looked around in amazement.  "I had no idea a plane is so roomy inside and this big seat is very comfortable," he thought.  He watched the crew preparing for take off and listened to the engines.  When everyone was on board the door was closed and very slowly the plane began to move backwards.  It turned and stopped.  The engines roared and then they were on their way, faster and faster along the ground and . . .  up into the air.  Theodore could not help smiling to himself and looked out of the window as the cars and buildings became smaller and smaller and the city was left behind.  Theodore Bear was thrilled to be on his first flight.

112. The Bright Red Ticket

Theodore Bear stirred where he had been sleeping on the row of chairs and heard a voice over the loudspeakers say, "Good morning, Passengers. Please start checking in for your flights." He sat up and looked around then folded up his red spotted handkerchief and put it neatly in his back pack.  He took out his ticket at the same time and joined the queue at the counter. Theodore handed the lady his bright red ticket and she looked up and smiled.  "I see we have a Very Important Passenger flying with us today.  Mr Bear, I have booked you in Seat 1A and boarding will be in 30 minutes through Gate 2.  Enjoy your flight," she said.  "Thank you, Ma'am," said Theodore and he followed the other passengers through the security control point before he entered the Departure Lounge to find a seat near Gate 2.  He ate his last snack while waiting and put the carry bag in his back pack. Soon Theodore could hand in his boarding pass and was hurrying along the walkway to the aircraft.

111. Good Night Theodore

After Duty Bear left Theodore walked around and looked at everything on display in the Departure Hall in detail again. He found himself a seat in the corner at the end of a long row of chairs and sat down.  He thought to himself, "I am feeling quite important.  Here I am at this beautiful airport, I have a Super Special Concession ticket and tomorrow I am going to fly in one of those long, sleek, powerful airplanes. I can hardly wait. How lucky can one get." Sitting still and relaxed, Theodore began to feel tired and he yawned.  "Duty Bear said many people spend the whole night on the airport and it is perfectly safe," he remembered.  He carefully placed his carry bag and cane on the chairs behind him and took out his red spotted handkerchief, spreading it over his back pack which he slipped under his head for a pillow.  Soon he was sound asleep.

110. The Arrangements

Theodore Bear was so excited about the ticket he had been given. "Thank you so much, Duty Bear, I think I would like to fly tomorrow," and together they went to the counter to arrange it all.  "There is a seat on the first plane in the morning," said the lady.  Duty Bear took Theodore to see the Departures Hall and explained where he would have to show his ticket before going through the boarding gate to the plane.  "You can stay here on the airport tonight so that you will be in time tomorrow.  Lots of passengers do that and you can stretch out on a few seats to rest.  Remember you have to check in long before the flight leaves. I must say Good-bye to you now, though, as I have to go back on duty.  Have a good flight and Happy Traveling!" Duty Bear said.  "Good-bye, Duty Bear, and a very big Thank You," said Theodore and they shook paws with each other.

109. The Man in the Big Office


The man in the big office looked at Theodore and held out his hand.  "Good evening, Theodore, I certainly do not have two bears standing in my office every day.  Why are you traveling?"  "Good evening, Sir," said Theodore and put his paw in the man's hand, "I heard a man on the radio advise everyone to travel.  He said they would never regret it and so I decided to take his advice.  It is true what he said, I have not regretted it and would like to see many more places."  "Hmm," said the man thoughtfully, "where do you live? And where have you been?"  "I live in the desert where it is hot, Sir," Theodore told him, "and I have spent time in some cities and also in the mountains where there was snow.  It was wonderful."  "You sound like a very smart bear," said the man, "I think you can have one of my Super Special Concession Tickets," and he unlocked a drawer in his desk, took out a book of bright red tickets and gave one to Theodore.  "Thank you, Sir, thank you very much," said Theodore and shook his hand again.

108. Duty Bear has an Idea


"It was so kind of you to show me around the airport, Duty Bear," Theodore said later, "I have heard so much that I did not know anything about and seen much bigger aircraft than I have ever seen before.  I think I would also like to fly in one of them one day."  Duty Bear smiled and looked thoughtful,  "I am not sure if it will be possible, but come with me and I will see what I can do for you," he said and took Theodore to a big office.  Duty Bear knocked gently and a voice called out, "Come in."   Behind a wide desk sat a very important looking man.  He took off his spectacles when Duty Bear and Theodore entered and rubbed his eyes.  "I don't believe it," he said, "another bear!"
"Yes, Sir," Duty Bear said politely, "this is my friend Theodore Bear and he is traveling to see the world.  I was just wondering, Sir, if you would be so kind as to give him one of your Super Special Concession Tickets so he can fly on your airplanes?"

107. "Nearly like a small City"

Duty Bear chose some nuts from Theodore Bear's carry bag. "Well, here are big sheds for storing cargo before it is loaded onto special cargo planes, there is a parking garage where hundreds of cars can be safely parked and a hotel where passengers can stay overnight if their flight is delayed.  A shuttle bus goes between here and the city centre, there are  many lovely shops which we can look at later on and we even have a post office and a bank."  "This is nearly like a small city," said Theodore and passed Duty Bear another snack.   They sat and watched for a while longer and then Duty Bear said he would like to show Theodore the rest of the airport.  "Let's go up to the next floor to see the shops and from there we will be able to look out over the other side of the airport towards the city.  It is quite late already so some of the lights will be on and the view is very pretty"

106. All this on the Airport


Duty Bear was telling Theodore all about the airport."Those long passages are where the passengers walk to board the aircraft so they will not get wet when it rains.  It is also very safe for them that way.  There is a lot of organisation to make sure the correct luggage is stowed on each airplane and the meals must be loaded at the right time so the flight is not delayed."  Theodore listened carefully.
"Would you mind if we sat here a while and watched all the aircraft?" asked Theodore Bear. "I have a few snacks left in here and we could share them," he said, holding up the carry bag.  "I would enjoy that too," said Duty Bear and they sat down in the front row of chairs.  "This is interesting," said Theodore, "what else do they have here on the airport?" and he opened the bag for Duty Bear to help himself.

105. Upstairs


Duty Bear and Theodore walked back along the passage and through the passenger hall.  "We will go upstairs to the Observation Deck," said Duty Bear, "from there you will be able to see most of the things that happen on an airport like this" and he pressed the button to summon the elevator.
They got out again when the doors opened and went across to the big windows.  It was rather crowded but soon they were able to move right up to the glass and could see very well.  Theodore could hardly believe his eyes and Duty Bear was able to answer all his questions. "The big buildings over there are more terminals like this one.  Some are only for flights within the country and from others you can fly to anywhere in the world. Yes, that is a train running on rails above the buildings for passengers to move between the terminals quickly.  Look, there is a plane taking off and another one landing."  Theodore wanted to look everywhere at once!

104. Duty Bear's Suggestion

Theodore was just as pleased to see Duty Bear and said, "I am glad you are here after all.  I almost thought I was going to miss you." and they shook paws with each other.  "I arrived here on the bus a short while ago" Theodore continued, "and have been watching all the passengers rushing to and fro."  Duty Bear smiled, "There is plenty more to see here on the airport and I am off duty now so I can show you around if you like.  I have just fetched my new uniforms in this big box and must put them in my locker first.  See, here is a plan of the airport, have a look at it so long" He picked up the box and went out with it.  "This place is enormous," Theodore thought, "I never imagined it like this." When Duty Bear came back he had his back pack with him and was ready to leave.  "It was a strange thing," he said to Theodore, "I don't usually ask anyone to wait just before I go off duty, but today I thought I must do that.  What a good thing I really did it."

103. Worth waiting for

For a  moment Theodore Bear just stood and looked at the empty Desk 106.  He looked around the office but everyone was busy and they took no notice of him. Theodore did not know what to do next.  He was about to turn around and leave again when he noticed a small piece of cardboard leaning against the pile of papers stacked on one corner of the desk.  He moved closer to be able to read something in neat writing.  "Back in 10 minutes. Please sit down and wait," he read.  "I have plenty of time," he thought and pulled out the chair.  It did not take long until Duty Bear came into the office with a big box tucked under his paw.  He smiled a wide smile and said, "Why, look who is sitting there waiting for me.  If it is not Theodore Bear.  How nice to see you."  He put the box down on the desk and held out his paw to Theodore.  "Welcome," he said.


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