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183. The Captain's Advice

George and Jeffrey Bear waved their little flags excitedly and said, "Yes, this is our first cruise and we are having a great time."   Theodore nodded and Cassandra explained that she had sailed on the lake before.  "Do you all live here?  I hope you will join us on another cruise," the Captain said.  "I live here," replied Cassandra, "but my friends are just visiting.  Theodore has been traveling for a while already."  Theodore smiled broadly and told the Captain some of the interesting things he had seen and done since he started out. "It has been a wonderful experience," he said, "I have enjoyed every day and wish everyone could travel to see new places."  For a moment the Captain looked thoughtful.  "Once I was Captain of a ship that took cargo all over the world so I have travelled too.  It was indeed wonderful, so keep going, Theodore."  The bears shook paws with the Captain again and thanked him for the visit.  "Bon Voyage," he said, "till next time."

A View from the Top 

By now the ship was already on the way back to the harbor and Theodore could see the entrance in the distance.  "Now we know a little more about how the ship sails safely in and out of the harbor," he said and stood close to the window to watch.  "I would like to stand at the front of the open deck to get a really good view," he said later.  "Good idea," agreed the other bears and they hurried up the stairs.  The ship slowed down, sailed slowly into the harbor and edged its way to the mooring place.  The thick ropes were once again fastened to the bollards on the quayside and the crane lifted the gangplank securely. It was time to disembark and the bears felt quite sad that all the excitement of the cruise was over.  They walked along with the crowd but stepped back to have a last look at the ship.  "Oh, take note," said Theodore and laughed, "look at the ship's name. Joybelle!"  "How fitting," said George.  And it was. 


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