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146. Arriving at the Park


The bus arrived at the Mountain Park and drove to the Rest Camp.  Theodore picked up his cane and back pack and got off the bus with all the other passengers.  He looked around and wondered where he would find Earth Bear.  "Ah, I will ask over there at that office. The sign above the door  says Reception."  Theodore walked across the parking lot and into the building.  It was all made of logs and looked just right for a nature park.  Once inside Theodore went up to the counter.  "Good day, Lady, I am looking for your ranger, Mr Earth Bear.  Can you please tell me where he is?"   The lady looked at a piece of paper lying on her desk and replied, "He is off duty now so should be at his cabin.  It is Number Two and very easy to find.  Just go out this door, turn left and walk along the path.  All the Rangers' cabins are there in one long row."  "Thank you, Ma'am," said Theodore and he went out to follow the lady's instructions how to reach Cabin Number Two.

145. Another Visit

Theodore knew he would be getting off the bus in the next town so he opened his back pack and took out the envelope that Merlena Bear had given him.  He looked through the little white cards with the addresses of her friends and found the one he wanted.  "Earth Bear," he read, "Mountain Park Ranger.  I am looking forward to meeting up with him again."  When the bus stopped the driver said, "Change here for the Mountain Park.  The bus to there leaves from the terminus across the road. It is already waiting and will be departing in ten minutes."  Theodore hurried over to the bus and found a seat.  In a short while they were on their way. The road became steeper as it took them into the mountains and there were forests of tall trees on both  sides. Smaller shrubs and ferns grew between them and there were lush vines trailing up into the branches.  "This is so pretty," Theodore thought to himself, "I am sure I will enjoy visiting here for a few days."

144. Theodore moves on

The next morning Theodore Bear had his back pack packed and decided to wear his green bow as he usually did when he was traveling.  Oscar Bear went with to the bus stop to see him off.  "Thank you for showing me around, Oscar," said Theodore, "and think of me when you watch the sun go down."  Oscar smiled and shook paws with his friend who then climbed up all the steps to sit on the top deck of the bus. Theodore sat by a big window right in front and waved to Oscar when the bus pulled away. The road followed the coastline and Theodore liked all the seaside towns, some with simple holiday houses and some with big mansions.  Soon the bus had turned off and was traveling where busy farmers were working in the fields and at times the road took them through forests and across rivers.  Theodore was enjoying the ride and before long the first mountains came into view.

143. Good-byes again

What a wonderful time Theodore and Oscar had getting to know Pedro Bear and his three smart colleagues.  When Jessica Bear had finished her story Pedro said, "Thank you, Oscar and Theodore, for sharing your shady spot with us.  It has been super sitting here with you but our lunch break is over now and we must deliver the last of our messages for today.  After that we have to move on to the next town but maybe we will meet up again somewhere. Good-bye to you both from all of us."  The bears shook paws again and the four messengers waved as they walked across the lawn.  Oscar and Theodore folded up their towels and set off home too.  It had been a very interesting day. They sat on Oscar's balcony again to watch the sun set and then Theodore said, "I could sit here every evening, Oscar, but tomorrow I will catch the bus and travel further. Thank you for these lovely days with you here at the seaside and I have enjoyed it so much – even building a sandcastle!"

142. Three Wishes

"Would you like to tell your story now?" said Pedro Bear as he looked across at the dark bear sitting next to Angela.  She picked up the basket of flowers next to her and said, "I am Jessica Bear and I am also far away from my home where there are big forests which are covered in snow in winter.  My brothers and sisters still live there and one day I will go back again, but for now I am so happy here.  It is my job to wear this pretty pink sash when I take messages about baby girls.  Then I give away these flowers each with a good wish for them," and she took a bunch out of the basket for the others to see.  "A red rose for lots of love, a white lily for a fine character and one of these bright yellow carnations for a sunny personality.  Everyone loves to receive a posy of flowers for a special occasion and it makes them smile," said Jessica, "and it makes me smile too.  Every day is such a happy day."  

141. "We are famous"

"Hmm," said Tina when she looked at the little screen on the camera, "you guys will need to sit closer together, please, or I will not fit you all in my picture."  The bears moved up and Oscar Bear suggested that he and Theodore sit behind the other four. This they did and Tina nodded, "That is perfect," she said, "now keep still and 'click' – all done. Check, you can see how good you all look in my picture," and the bears peeped over her shoulder.  "Would you do one more special thing for me?" Tina asked, "Here is my diary and I would like you to each put a paw print on this page so I can show my friends when I go to class again later on."  Pedro Bear laughed and said, "We are famous now, she wants our autograph!" and one by one they pressed their front paw onto the page. "Thank you all so much," said Tina, "I must go now or I will be late." and she hurriedly put her camera and diary back in her bag.  "Good-bye and take care," she smiled. "Good-bye, Tina," the bears called out in greeting and waved their paws as she ran across the lawn and along the path.

Theodore's Apology


Hi all,

This is Monica. Most of you will know me as the creator behind TG Bears. I am popping in in Theodore’s stead as he asked me to apologize for the delay he has had in the last while with sharing his journal with you all.

As you know, he had a busy time while visiting Oscar Bear, meeting all sorts of interesting people and other bears. In the meantime, he has said good-bye to Oscar Bear and is travelling. The location where he is at is rather isolated and so he is having a hard time getting his journal on the blog.

He asked me to tell you what is happening and to assure you that he has indeed written up the journal and will post it as soon as he is able to access the online version again. In the meantime, he asked that you watch this spot until he posts again. He thanks you for your patience.

Till next time.


140. A Request

Theodore was facing the path and he noticed a young girl had stopped to watch what was going on under the tree.  She stepped onto the grass and sauntered across to them.  "Hi there," she said with a big smile, "I could hardly believe what I was seeing and I thought this only happens in stories.  Six bears sitting under a tree close to the beach.  My name is Tina and I sure hope you don't mind me coming to say 'Hello'.  May I please take your photo?  You see, my little brother is sick in bed today and he will never believe that I really saw you.  I know a picture will make him smile and help him to feel better."  All the bears spoke together and said she could gladly have a photo to take home. Tina's smile was even wider when she heard their lovely growly voices all blending together.  She dug down to the bottom of her big striped handbag and took out a small camera.


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