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170. Music and more Music


Theodore and Jenny sat down on one of the benches to listen to the music.  There were so many different musicians each with their own style of playing. The guitar duets sounded good, choir groups sang many popular songs, bands with big amplifiers turned up the volume and the small ensembles playing classical music also had a turn.  After listening for a long time, Jenny Bear suggested that they walk around once more. They heard some music players who were not there earlier and they had unusual instruments. Tiny flutes held with cupped hands, a frame with a row of wooden keys, long tube-shaped drums and a flat board with many strings played with little oval-shaped hammers. Theodore was fascinated and wanted to listen to each one.  When Miss Festival Bear's duties for the day were over the bears walked home.  "There is one more event to attend tonight," said Jenny Bear, "but that is a surprise for you, Theodore. You will have to wait and see."

The Surprise

Theodore Bear puzzled about what the surprise could be and he was told he would have to wait until it got dark to find out.  After supper Jenny Bear brought a board game to keep them busy until it was time to walk back to the Main Street.  "Just come as you are," said Miss Festival Bear as she neatened her sash and made sure her crown was still on straight.  They strolled along with all the others who were heading in the same direction.  The Mayor was there too and he welcomed the people.  Suddenly there was a loud bang and Theodore got quite a fright but then he saw the beautiful shower of rainbow colored streaks in the sky.  "A fireworks display," he breathed with pleasure.  One spectacular burst of color after the other lit up the sky, a bunch of golden rockets, a fountain-shaped play of lights and big balls of millions of stars.  "What a surprise that was," he  told Jenny and Miss Bear afterwards, "thank you for keeping it a secret after all."

169. Guest Artists


At ten o'clock Miss Festival Bear said, "I must leave you two now to enjoy the day. I have to open the Festival but I will need you to please help me. Will you, Jenny Bear and Theodore?"  They both smiled and nodded and wondered what she was planning.  Miss Bear greeted everybody and then asked her two friends to join her to sing the Festival's theme song and together their lovely growly voices charmed all the visitors. "The sun is shining bright for me, O,what a happy day. There's so much here for me to see, it takes my breath away," they sang and then bowed and waved to the crowd when they clapped along with them.  "Sing it again for us," someone shouted and more listeners  took up the call.  The bears joined in the fun and sang once more for them. Meanwhile, the next band set up their instruments behind them and the Music Festival was under way.

Something to try

Miss Festival Bear was kept busy making sure everything was in place for the musicians and Theodore and Jenny Bear walked around and looked at all the stalls and spoke to some of the vendors.  They saw beautiful works of art, clever flower arrangements and elegant jewellery for the ladies. Best of all they liked an exhibition of photographs of famous places all over the world and the lady could tell about them as she had been there herself.  "Traveling is wonderful, try it for yourselves" she said and Theodore agreed whole-heartedly.  A man wearing a tall chef's hat called out, "Try my hotdogs, they are the best in the world! Oh, look, we have Bears visiting us today, here is one for each of you. Free, gratis and for nothing!"  Jenny and Theodore thanked him and Theodore said, "Come on, Everybody, these are delicious. Buy some for you too."

168. More Music for Theodore


After the last notes of music died away and the audience realised that the orchestra had finished their program for the evening Theodore and Jenny Bear filed out of the hall with everyone else. It took a while until Theodore said, " Did you also enjoy that, Jenny Bear?  I thought it was lovely to listen to all those instruments making music together and I am quite sorry it is over now." Jenny Bear smiled at the sorrowful note in Theodore's voice and she said, "Well, don't worry, Theodore, there will be lots more music in town tomorrow and we will go and listen. There will be interesting things on display and Miss Festival Bear will be a special guest again." They waited in the foyer for Miss Bear and soon she came. "The coach will be arriving any minute to take us home," she said. Jenny Bear and Theodore rode along in the coach with Miss Festival Bear and the people walking home waved to them as they passed.  Jenny Bear smiled "I feel like a queen myself," she said.

Going to The Festival  

Theodore wore his red bow again the next morning. "I am feeling festive today," he said to himself, "and I am sure it is going to be an exciting day."  Soon after breakfast Miss Festival Bear suggested they walk over to the Main Street and quickly Theodore and Jenny Bear were also ready to leave.  Theodore was surprised to see that the street was now closed to traffic and there were many more stalls with vendors offering their wares for sale. Each one had arranged their goods tastefully to attract customers.  A large stage had been erected on one side during the night and there were all kinds of sound equipment in place.  A carnival atmosphere was already in the making and a bright program of the day's music was tacked onto a board next to the stage.  "This is going to be fun," Theodore said as he watched more and more people arrive and walk around looking at everything.

167. The Mayor


Theodore thought the Mayor looked very handsome and he noted the thick gold chain carrying a big round medal with what looked like the town's emblem on it. "That must be very heavy and I am sure very expensive to buy too," Theodore was thinking and then the Mayor began his speech. "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen," he said, "we are honored to have Miss Festival Bear with us tonight and she has brought two special guests with her, Mr Theodore Bear and Miss Jenny Bear.  I wonder if they will please stand up and face the audience so you can all see them." Poor Jenny Bear  blushed shyly but they stood up and Theodore bowed to acknowledge the applause.  The Mayor smiled and continued, "and now I will introduce . . . Miss Festival Bear!  Give her a big hand, Ladies and Gentleman."  Miss Bear stepped up to the microphone.  She greeted the audience, turned  towards the orchestra and said, "Be inspired to play your best music ever tonight.  I love you all."

The Music

The conductor walked onto the podium and after bowing to the audience raised his baton to the orchestra and the first notes of music filled the hall.  Theodore was enthralled with the stirring sound of all the instruments playing together and marvelled at how the musicians played.  The violinists fingers moved deftly and their bows stroked evenly across the strings.  The double bass player had to stand up to play her part and the trumpeters and trombonists gave a special sound to the music while the flute players drew the sweetest tones from their silver pipes.  At the right time the timpanist struck the drums and Theodore just looked from one to the other as he listened. The orchestra played one lovely piece after the other and at the end of the program the audience stood up and applauded for a long time.  The players stood up too and bowed to the audience and then sat down again to play once more.  Theodore wished he could play beautiful music like that too but then he thought about the terrible squeak the violin made when he tried and changed his mind!

166. The Evening


"I suggest we go home now," said Jenny Bear, "there is a concert tonight that Miss Festival Bear  has to attend and she would like to have enough time to get ready.  Theodore, would you like to attend the concert too?"  "That would be lovely," replied Theodore, "I have never been to a real concert before."   Everyone was excited about the concert.  Jenny wore a brand new pink bow and Theodore exchanged his red bow for his fine purple one.  Miss Festival Bear wore her special royal blue sash with her name embroidered in silver letters and the crown on her head sparkled when the light shone on it.  "You ladies look ever so smart tonight," said Theodore smiling and he bowed to each of them playfully.  "We are going to the concert in style," said Miss Bear, "they are sending a splendid horse drawn coach to fetch us. Oh, here they are now."  How important they all felt!

The Concert

As guests of Miss Festival Bear, Jenny and Theodore were shown to seats in the front row of the concert hall.  Miss Bear could not sit with them as she would have to be on the stage with the Mayor for the opening ceremony.  Theodore hardly knew what to look at first.  He saw all the lovely decorations in the hall and all the elegant dresses and chic suits the patrons wore but most of all he watched the musicians in the orchestra.  They looked so smart with their black bow ties as they unpacked their instruments and sat down before beginning to tune them.  He watched the violin players tighten the strings and saw the light reflecting off the shiny brass horns.  At exactly 8 o'clock the Mayor escourted Miss Festival Bear to her seat on the stage and then he  walked across to the microphone to address the audience.

165. Tea with Jenny Bear


Jenny Bear brought the raspberry tea and some delicious nutty cookies and the bears settled down to catch up on each other's news.  Jenny asked Theodore where all he had been since they last met at Merlena Bear's party and he told them all about his travels.  "I have had a lot of fun," he added, "and I have learned many new things.  Please don't ask me what was the best as everything was wonderful."  Miss Festival Bear listened carefully.  "I will be doing some traveling too," she said, "and there are more festivals for me to attend.  Maybe I will also have so much fun."  Jenny Bear looked at the big clock on the wall.  "Theodore," she said, "I hope you will spend some time here with us.  You slept so well on Merlena's sofa and mine is very comfortable too.  We would like to show you around the town and take you with to the Music Festival. You will enjoy it too, I  know."

A Happy Outing

"I must look very smart today," Theodore thought to himself when he woke up the next morning, "I will be going out with two pretty ladies."  He brushed his fur well, put on his fine red bow and looked into the mirror to make sure it was straight.  At breakfast Jenny Bear said, "It is a bit cloudy this morning but it will most likely clear up later on. I think it will be nice to go downtown and see all the preparations for the Music Festival.  This town is not so big and we can just walk from here."  "Good idea," said Theodore and Miss Bear almost together and in a short while they were ready to leave.  They walked along Victoria Lane looking at the lovely old houses, strolled through the park to see the beautiful flower displays and spent time window shopping in the mall.  Theodore was so interested in all the stalls set up and Miss Festival Bear chatted to many of the vendors about their wares.  Flags waved in the gentle breeze and streamers hung between the lampposts.  "This all looks so happy and festive," Theodore commented, "and tomorrow the musicians will be here too?"

164. A short Journey


"All aboard," called the driver and he drove away from the terminus.  Theodore had again chosen a good seat at the window and he settled back to look at the scenery along the way. Once out of the town on the highway he could enjoy the wide open spaces of the farmers' fields.  He also saw the herds of cattle and flocks of sheep but most of all he liked to see the beautiful horses grazing in the meadows. "It is a pity that the road does not take the bus through all the little towns so I could see them too," Theodore said to himself, "but it means I will soon be getting off again."  He lifted his back pack and cane down from the luggage rack and took out the little envelope of addresses.  He found the one he wanted and read the name on it.  "'Jenny Bear,  Cottage Number 47, Victoria Lane, ( just off Main Street).'  That will be easy to find," he thought as the driver turned off the highway and entered the town, stopping at the Town Hall. Theodore said good-bye and got off.

Cottage Number 47

Theodore Bear looked at the map of the town on the big board at the bus stop and then he knew exactly how to find Jenny Bear's cottage.  He walked along the Main Street, turned left into Victoria Lane and soon found himself at Cottage Number 47.  He opened the little wooden gate and stepped up to the front door.  Knock, knock, he tapped and waited.  The door opened a little way and Jenny Bear peeped around it to see who was there.  "Theodore Bear," she said and a big smile spread across her face as she opened the door wide, "I am pleased to see you.  Come in and have some tea.  I am sure you must be thirsty after traveling."  Jenny Bear led the way into her living room and then said, "Theodore, I would like you to meet my friend who is here for a few days.  This is Miss Festival Bear.  She will be the guest of honor at the Music Festival tomorrow and that is why she is wearing this lovely wide sash and a crown on her head."  Theodore held out his paw and bowed politely, "Pleased to meet you, Miss Bear," he said.

163. Preparing for Tomorrow


Theodore Bear decided to pack his back pack before he went to bed so it would be ready in the morning.   He took off his yellow bow and said to himself, "I have not worn this orange one for a while so I will put it on tomorrow.  I will not be going on a long trip this time and will save my green bow for another day."  He brushed his fur before putting the brush away and made sure the honey bottle was standing upright.  He folded the red spotted handkerchief again and then laid all his bows in neatly with the little white envelope of addresses on top. "There, all done," he thought as he fastened up the buckles and stood his walking cane beside the back pack.  Soon the little cabin was in darkness and Theodore lay listening to some of the night sounds outside before he drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Good-bye Earth Bear

Earth Bear and Theodore were up early the next morning and Theodore looked very smart wearing his orange bow.  Earth Bear walked over to the bus stop with him and they did not have long to wait until the bus arrived. "Good-bye, Earth Bear and thank you," said Theodore, "take care along the fence today."  "I will," said Earth Bear, "have a safe trip. Good-bye, Theodore, I will go off to work now," and they shook paws before Theodore climbed up into the bus.  A few more passengers  got on the bus and soon they were on their way to town.  Theodore enjoyed the ride and looked out of the window at the scenery.  They left the mountains behind and it did not take long until the bus arrived at the terminus.  The driver called out the numbers of the bus stops for those continuing their journeys and Theodore hurried over to Number 4, stopping only to drop the picture card for Merlena Bear into the post box.  The bus was waiting at the stop and Theodore boarded at once.

162. The Masked Bandit


Theodore and Earth Bear watched the branches on the bush moving and waited patiently.  They could faintly see an outline of a body and then the little creature seemed to feel confident enough to peep out.  "Oh, it is a raccoon," said Earth Bear, "notice the face.  It looks like a bandit wearing a mask with that black stripe across the eyes.  They are so cute but can be troublesome by tipping over trash cans or even coming into one of the cabins and making quite a mess.  Some people say they wash their food before they eat it, but I am not sure if they really do that."  They watched the raccoon stand up on its hind feet to reach a seed on the bush and then pounce on a large moth before disappearing behind the next cabin.  "Brrr! It is getting too cold out here now," said Earth Bear, "let us go inside and have another cup of honey tea to warm us up."  And they did.

Earth Bear has an Idea

Theodore and Earth Bear warmed their paws on their cups and sipped the hot honey tea.  When his cup was empty Theodore placed it on the little table next to him and said, "Earth Bear, I have enjoyed my visit with you immensely and learned about nature but you have to go and repair the fence tomorrow and I think I will catch the bus when it comes in from town.  Thank you so much for a lovely three days."  Earth Bear nodded and then he said, "Yes, repairing a fence is not as interesting as a walk and you saw the best part of the Mountain Park.  Oh, and I nearly forgot. . "  Earth Bear went across to his shelf and brought a little card with a pretty forest picture on it.  "We can each put a paw print on this and send it to Merlena Bear from us as she must be wondering where you are. There is a post box at the bus terminus and you can drop it in tomorrow."  "Good idea, Earth Bear," smiled Theodore and they both made their neatest paw prints on the card.

161. Going Home


Theodore and Earth Bear walked on along the trail and as there was very little damage to the path on such a gentle slope they were soon at the bottom of the hill. "It is very pretty from here too," said Earth Bear, "we will be under trees and a stream flows next to the path for most of the way.  That means the fallen leaves are damp and look, like here, there will be many kinds of mushrooms and toadstools growing among them. I like looking at the toadstools with their long stems and brightly colored, pointed caps but I have never seen a fairy house in one yet," and Earth Bear laughed at his own joke.  Theodore looked at the toad stools.  "I think these would collapse if a toad sat on them," said Theodore and laughed too, "I wonder who thought of that name."  "We are almost at the Main Camp now," said Earth Bear, "the way home always seems shorter than the way out but it has been a lovely three days and we saw lots. Thank you for all the help with fixing the path too, Theodore."

Supper on the Verandah

At the Main Camp Earth Bear and Theodore stopped at the big office to report that they were safely back from their walk before going to Earth Bear's cabin.  It was almost getting dark by the time Earth Bear opened his door and he and Theodore unpacked their back packs. "A cup of honey tea will taste good with our supper" said Earth Bear, "we can sit on the verandah and maybe we will see some little animals walking between our cabins.  They do come sometimes and sniff around but we never leave any food scraps that might attract them lying around and they have to find their own meals in the wild."  Theodore and Earth Bear each took a bean bag outside and made themselves comfortable.  An owl flew silently over head to perch on a pole and then Theodore sat forward in his seat, "The branches on that bush are moving.  There must be something there.  I hope it will come out into the light because I would like to see it," he said softly.

160. A good Place to live


Theodore and Earth Bear listened carefully to Daisy Bear's sad story.  They were silent for a while and then Earth Bear said, "I am sure I speak for Theodore too when I say we are sorry to hear about your family.  We hope that you will feel at home here in this lovely place.  I have lived here for a long time now with an interesting job and have the chance to watch many of the other animals every day.  Some are so small and one has to be very lucky to see them and you will only see them if you are watching all the time."  Theodore nodded his head in agreement.  "We have been walking for two days," he said, "and by tomorrow night we will be back at the Main Camp but I have really enjoyed being out with Earth Bear and I have learned a lot about the Park.  I would be surprised if you will move again from here." "Thank you for the tea and the chat, Daisy," said Earth Bear, "we must start early tomorrow so need some sleep but I am sure we will meet again when next I come around to check on the paths."  They said Good Night to each other and parted company.

A Bonus

The sun was just peeping over the tops of the trees when Theodore and Earth Bear set off to see to the last part of the path.  It was a perfect morning and Earth Bear said, "The walk today is easy, first we go up over a small hill and then from there it is flat ground all the way home.  We must make more noise today as we walk through bear country and I would not want to surprise one.  They do not like surprises in the wild and can get a little dangerous."  So they chatted and sang a song or two as they went along.  The path was in good shape and needed very little work so soon they were at the top of the hill. They looked out into the distance and then Earth Bear said, "There is something moving in the bush down there.  Let us watch a while as I think it is a bear."  This  they did and before long the bear walked across the clearing then disappeared among the trees again.  "A bonus," said Theodore.

159. The Flower Child


Theodore and Earth Bear enjoyed watching the film show, seeing some of the places where they had been on their walk and the wonderful animal photographs.  When it was over the campers had time to chat to each other about what they had seen and Earth Bear and Theodore joined in.  One visitor particularly had caught their attention and they wanted to meet her.  She was a happy looking bear wearing a pretty yellow outfit and she obviously liked flowers.  "Good evening, Ma'am," they said and told their names. "Hello," said the lady, "I am pleased to meet you two.  My name is Daisy Bear and I am spending a few days camping here before I take up my new job as the receptionist at this Camp Site. I am a real flower cub and I am sure you saw my daisy chain and the flower in my fur.  I love nature and this Mountain Park is one of my favorite places. Do you also both work here? I have some hot chamomile tea in a flask so come and share it and tell me what you do."

Daisy Bear tells

"A nice cup of hot tea is just right after sitting outside for a while," said Daisy Bear as she brought the tray.  Earth Bear agreed and then he told Daisy Bear that he was a Ranger at the Park but Theodore smiled and said, "No, I am just visiting my friend here and we have been repairing the nature trail after the rains.  I am actually traveling to see the world and all the many wonderful places.  Are you also traveling, Daisy?"  Daisy Bear looked surprised at the question.  "No," she said, "I have left home. You see, I come from a beautiful country in the north and lived there for a long time with my parents and my brother close by.  Then one day some mean hunters came with big guns and shot them all.  I was so sad and lonely that I decided to go far away.  I took these flowers with to remind me of home but I am here now and feel happy again among the trees in this peaceful Park.  It will be wonderful to live here where no one is allowed to bring a gun with them."


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