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1. Theodore has an idea

All was still and quiet.  A gentle sigh could be heard and Theodore Bear was yawning.  “Oh, but I am so bored today,” he thought to himself and stretched lazily while making himself comfortable to doze off for a nap.  A radio was playing quietly in the background and suddenly an excited voice called over the air, “Travel, my friends, travel!  See the world today. You will never regret it!”

Theodore sat bolt upright and for the moment all ideas of sleep were forgotten.  Once again he was thinking to himself, but this time very differently.  “Travel, that man said.  You will never regret it, he said.  Hmmm, now that could be interesting.  I think I will take myself off on a journey to all the wonderful places there are to see.  But first I will take a nap and dream about faraway places.”  And he settled down to slip into Dreamland.


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