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182. The Man in the Uniform

Theodore Bear was sitting at the window sipping juice and watching the other ships and boats out on the lake.  Through the window on the other side of the deck he could still see the skyline of the city.  "Cassandra, this is a super surprise and I had no idea that a cruise is so much fun.  I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am."  George and Jeffrey agreed with Theodore and Cassandra looked pleased. "If you are ready now we can go to meet the Captain. That is a real honor to be invited to the bridge.  I have never been there either so today brings a surprise for me too," she said and waved her paw to the waiter. He led the way up stairs right to the top of the ship and stopped outside a door with a shiny sign saying CAPTAIN.  He knocked gently and when the door opened, there stood a man in a smart uniform.  He smiled and said, "Ah, my Very Important Passengers. Welcome on board.  Come inside" and he shook paws with each bear, asking their names.

The Captain on the Bridge

"My name is Cassandra and this is Theodore, George and Jeffrey," she said placing a paw on each bear's shoulder as she introduced them, "thank you, Mr Captain, for inviting us and showing us around."  Theodore could hardly believe his eyes.  "This is not the type of bridge I was expecting to see," he thought to himself, "just look at all the screens and dials and phones and what a wonderful view from these big windows that look over the front of the ship so the Captain can see all the other ships on the water."  The Captain laughed and said, "Theodore, your eyes are almost getting bigger and bigger looking at all this equipment that we use to navigate.  It seems very complicated but it is not really," and he explained some things to his guests. "Just enjoy the view from up here and stay as long as you like.  Is this your first cruise?"  


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