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6. So much to see

Every now and then Theodore Bear would stop to have a closer look at something while walking along the sidewalk.  He liked to see the tidy gardens with their neatly raked white stones and the newly painted houses with their different colors.  Some gardens had big shady trees and some even had swimming pools.   Theodore thought it would be a good idea to keep some fish in such a big pool of water.  Bears like to catch and eat fish too.  But he knew that the people who lived there would not like to swim with fish!  He watched the lizards darting up the walls and over the stones to catch some insects to eat and was surprised to see how fast they could run.   Birds flitted from tree to tree and some sat on the prickly cactus plants with their big thorns.  “They are very clever not to prick themselves” Theodore said to himself, “I am glad I do not have to get close to those thorns.”


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