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7. A Special Ticket

Soon Theodore Bear saw some people standing next to a pole with a sign on it.  When he got nearer   he could read what was on the sign.  BUS STOP  it said.  “Ah! This is where I wanted to be,” thought Theodore and he joined the others who were waiting there.  It did not take long before the big red bus came rumbling along the road and stopped to pick up the passengers.  Theodore waited patiently until last as he had been the last to arrive there and then he climbed up the steps into the bus.  The driver was surprised.  “Well, well.  Good morning, Mr Bear, welcome on my bus.  This is the first time I have had a bear ride on my bus and you look so smart with your lovely green bow.  You may have a free ticket and do sit right up here on this seat next to me so you can look out of the front window and see everything.”  “Thank you, Mr Driver,” said Theodore and he was so happy to meet such a helpful bus man.

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