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2. Planning the next move

Theodore Bear awoke and stretched before getting up.  He ran over to the window and pulled open the curtains.  Bright sunlight poured in.  “Today is the day,” Theodore Bear said to himself,   “I am going to get ready to go travelling. Clever travellers first need to make a list of all the things to take with so that nothing is forgotten.  But I want to travel light so I do not have a heavy load to carry.  Now let me think. Where should I start?  Oh yes, with my bows, all of them in their different colours.  One for each occasion.  And I must take the brush for my fur so that I will always look neat and tidy.  Maybe I will meet some important people and then I do not want to look scruffy.  And my red spotted handkerchief – that could come in very useful.  That is all.”


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