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5. Strolling along

Theodore Bear could hardly believe that he was starting out on such an exciting adventure.  It was a warm sunny day without a cloud in the sky.  He hummed a little bear tune as he walked along the sidewalk next to the busy road and was enjoying himself immensely.  He saw all the big trucks and cars going by.  The drivers were so friendly and many honked and waved to Theodore.  He smiled broadly and waved his paw in greeting.  A boy on a bicycle stopped next to him to chat for a few minutes.  “Hello, Mr. Bear”, he said, “where are you off to?”  Theodore told him about his plans to see the world.  “Oooo! Wonderful” said the boy and waved good-bye as he rode away.  Theodore thought about how much fun meeting so many new people would be and he was looking very forward to arriving in a big city.


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