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3. Getting ready

Theodore Bear was feeling really excited about his planned trip now that his list was ready.  “I will get out my little rucksack and dust it off as I have not used it for a long time.  Then I will pack all my bows in it and my brush. Today I will wear my green bow as that is the best one to wear for the start of a journey.  Green means Go,”  he thought.  In a short time all the bows and the red spotted handkerchief were neatly stacked in the rucksack.  “Oh, I need some food for the road too,” he remembered and quickly added a jar of honey into the rucksack, being very careful not to crease his bows and handkerchief or flatten the brush.  He fastened  the buckles up carefully so that nothing could fall out and get lost.  He took a stout walking cane from the holder and then was ready to set out.


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