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11. A Surprise Meeting

Theodore Bear sat up a little straighter on the park bench and narrowed his eyes to see clearly who was coming along the path.  He could hardly believe what he was seeing.  "Well now, if it is not my old friend, Ferdinand Bear!  Hello, how nice to see you.  What are you doing in the city all dressed up in that smart blue tie?"  Ferdinand smiled and clapped his paws with pleasure.  "Hello, Theodore, fancy meeting you here." he said, "I have come to the city for my cousin, Merlena Bear's birthday.  She is having a party tonight and I am sure she would not mind if you came with me.  Would you like to do that?"  Theodore looked serious for a moment.  Then he said, "I don't wear ties but I have a very smart purple bow in my backpack.  I would love to come with you."  And so it was arranged – Theodore Bear was going to a party.


Anonymous said...

Very cute. I'm sure he'll look very smart in his purple bow.

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