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10. Theodore takes a Rest

"Good day, Lady, can you please tell me all about your city?" Theodore Bear asked at the INFO office,  "I would like to spend some time here."   "Good day, Mr Bear, how nice of you to visit us.  Here is a booklet about our city and it has a map in it so you can find your way around."  Theodore had a quick look at the map and saw that there was a park with big shady trees close by.  "I think I will go there and rest a while. It has been a very exciting day so far,"  Theodore said to himself and walked around the block to the park.  There were large green lawns and neat pathways in between the trees.  "They surely work very hard to make sure this park looks so good," he thought and spied a bench in the shade.  "I will sit down there and enjoy listening to the birds."  Theodore put his back pack on the bench next to him and looked around.  It was all so peaceful – but look! There is somebody coming.


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