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8. A Ride on a big red Bus

Theodore Bear was having a wonderful time looking at the scenery as the bus traveled along the road to the city.  Soon the houses were closer together and the buildings were much higher.  Theodore could see all the windows in the blocks of apartments and began to count the number of rows above each other.  "Six, seven, eight" he counted, "it must be very strange to live so high up and look down on the cars and people.  I will have to go to the top of one of those buildings to see what the ground looks like from up there" he thought.  The streets were wide and each one had a signpost on the corner with a name on.  "I hope I will not get lost," and Theodore felt a bit worried for a moment.  The driver steered the bus around many corners and then came to a stop at a large open square.  "Last stop," he called. Theodore thanked him for the ride, bade him good-bye and got off the bus. 


ladydragonfly said...

This is sooo cute! The bears are adorable. Will be back to explore the blog!

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