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9. The Big City

Theodore Bear waved good-bye to the driver as the big red bus slowly pulled away from the kerb.  Then he just stood still for a while and looked at all the beautiful buildings around the edge of the square.  Straight ahead stood the City Hall, a big stately building with a tall clock tower.  To the right he could see the arched doorways and shaped gables on the Public Library and the proud statue of a statesman in front of it.  "That looks as if it was all built long ago," said Theodore to himself.  Then he took note of the modern buildings on the other side of the square.  "This city is lovely and clean with no old food wrappers and papers lying around," he thought, "I like it here and want to see more of the sights.  Maybe I should ask somebody where to go."  Theodore saw a big sign over a side door at the City Hall saying INFO and he walked over to ask some questions.


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