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13. Theodore and Ferdinand

Ferdinand Bear was already waiting at the park gate when Theodore arrived and they set off together to go to Merlena Bear's birthday party.  Theodore was looking very forward to that and chatted to Ferdinand along the way.  "You have come a long way to visit Merlena.  How did you get here?" he asked.  Ferdinand explained that he had come by train and had traveled all night.  "I enjoyed the trip very much," he said.  "The bunk bed was very comfortable and I had a good sleep but unfortunately it was dark so I could not see the countryside as we passed."   Theodore Bear was impressed.  "I think I will also take a ride on a train again as I have not done that in ages" he said and rubbed his paws together at the thought.  Soon Ferdinand pointed to a quaint little house ahead of them and said, "Look, that is where Merlena lives.  Ha ha! She has tied a whole bunch of bright balloons on her gate so everyone will easily find the place for her party!"


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