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12. Theodore's Day in the City

The day passed quickly for Theodore Bear.  He walked around the city and looked at everything.    He was amazed to see how many people came out of the shops and offices when it was 5 o'clock and time to go home.  The streets were jammed with cars and there were long queues at the traffic lights.  "I am very pleased I do not have to drive in such heavy traffic," he thought and wiped his paw across his brow in relief.  Soon it was time to get ready for Merlena Bear's birthday party.  He opened his rucksack and then brushed his fur until he looked very smart.   Theodore took off  his bright green bow and placed it carefully on top of the others in the back pack.  Then he unpacked his fine purple bow and tied it around his neck.  He helped himself to a sip from the bottle of honey he had brought with and then he was ready to meet Ferdinand Bear at the park gate so they could go to the party together.


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