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14. Meeting Merlena

Theodore Bear followed his friend, Ferdinand Bear, along the path to the front door of Merlena Bear's house.  They rang the doorbell and waited.  The door opened and there stood Merlena with a big smile to welcome them.  She was wearing a brand new bright pink bow and had clipped a pretty pink flower into her fur between her ears.  A real Birthday Girl. What a stunning picture she made.  "Hello, Merlena, Happy Birthday," said Ferdinand, "this is my friend, Theodore.  He is visiting here and I asked him to join us."  "Thank you, Ferdinand.  I am pleased to meet you, Theodore, and I am so glad you have come.  Please feel at home at my party,"  said Merlena and they all shook paws with each other. "Come and meet everybody."   "Happy Birthday, Merlena," said Theodore, "I wish you everything of the best."  And they followed Merlena into the living room.


Finding Charm said...

Such a polite little lady.

TG Bears said...

Thank you, she is so excited about her birthday party. Be sure to check back to find out who attends :-)

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