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Theodore's Apology

Hi all,

This is Monica. Most of you will know me as the creator behind TG Bears. I am popping in in Theodore’s stead as he asked me to apologize for the delay he has had in the last while with sharing his journal with you all.

As you know, he had a busy time while visiting Oscar Bear, meeting all sorts of interesting people and other bears. In the meantime, he has said good-bye to Oscar Bear and is travelling. The location where he is at is rather isolated and so he is having a hard time getting his journal on the blog.

He asked me to tell you what is happening and to assure you that he has indeed written up the journal and will post it as soon as he is able to access the online version again. In the meantime, he asked that you watch this spot until he posts again. He thanks you for your patience.

Till next time.



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