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143. Good-byes again

What a wonderful time Theodore and Oscar had getting to know Pedro Bear and his three smart colleagues.  When Jessica Bear had finished her story Pedro said, "Thank you, Oscar and Theodore, for sharing your shady spot with us.  It has been super sitting here with you but our lunch break is over now and we must deliver the last of our messages for today.  After that we have to move on to the next town but maybe we will meet up again somewhere. Good-bye to you both from all of us."  The bears shook paws again and the four messengers waved as they walked across the lawn.  Oscar and Theodore folded up their towels and set off home too.  It had been a very interesting day. They sat on Oscar's balcony again to watch the sun set and then Theodore said, "I could sit here every evening, Oscar, but tomorrow I will catch the bus and travel further. Thank you for these lovely days with you here at the seaside and I have enjoyed it so much – even building a sandcastle!"


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