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141. "We are famous"

"Hmm," said Tina when she looked at the little screen on the camera, "you guys will need to sit closer together, please, or I will not fit you all in my picture."  The bears moved up and Oscar Bear suggested that he and Theodore sit behind the other four. This they did and Tina nodded, "That is perfect," she said, "now keep still and 'click' – all done. Check, you can see how good you all look in my picture," and the bears peeped over her shoulder.  "Would you do one more special thing for me?" Tina asked, "Here is my diary and I would like you to each put a paw print on this page so I can show my friends when I go to class again later on."  Pedro Bear laughed and said, "We are famous now, she wants our autograph!" and one by one they pressed their front paw onto the page. "Thank you all so much," said Tina, "I must go now or I will be late." and she hurriedly put her camera and diary back in her bag.  "Good-bye and take care," she smiled. "Good-bye, Tina," the bears called out in greeting and waved their paws as she ran across the lawn and along the path.


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