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142. Three Wishes

"Would you like to tell your story now?" said Pedro Bear as he looked across at the dark bear sitting next to Angela.  She picked up the basket of flowers next to her and said, "I am Jessica Bear and I am also far away from my home where there are big forests which are covered in snow in winter.  My brothers and sisters still live there and one day I will go back again, but for now I am so happy here.  It is my job to wear this pretty pink sash when I take messages about baby girls.  Then I give away these flowers each with a good wish for them," and she took a bunch out of the basket for the others to see.  "A red rose for lots of love, a white lily for a fine character and one of these bright yellow carnations for a sunny personality.  Everyone loves to receive a posy of flowers for a special occasion and it makes them smile," said Jessica, "and it makes me smile too.  Every day is such a happy day."  


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