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140. A Request

Theodore was facing the path and he noticed a young girl had stopped to watch what was going on under the tree.  She stepped onto the grass and sauntered across to them.  "Hi there," she said with a big smile, "I could hardly believe what I was seeing and I thought this only happens in stories.  Six bears sitting under a tree close to the beach.  My name is Tina and I sure hope you don't mind me coming to say 'Hello'.  May I please take your photo?  You see, my little brother is sick in bed today and he will never believe that I really saw you.  I know a picture will make him smile and help him to feel better."  All the bears spoke together and said she could gladly have a photo to take home. Tina's smile was even wider when she heard their lovely growly voices all blending together.  She dug down to the bottom of her big striped handbag and took out a small camera.


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