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145. Another Visit

Theodore knew he would be getting off the bus in the next town so he opened his back pack and took out the envelope that Merlena Bear had given him.  He looked through the little white cards with the addresses of her friends and found the one he wanted.  "Earth Bear," he read, "Mountain Park Ranger.  I am looking forward to meeting up with him again."  When the bus stopped the driver said, "Change here for the Mountain Park.  The bus to there leaves from the terminus across the road. It is already waiting and will be departing in ten minutes."  Theodore hurried over to the bus and found a seat.  In a short while they were on their way. The road became steeper as it took them into the mountains and there were forests of tall trees on both  sides. Smaller shrubs and ferns grew between them and there were lush vines trailing up into the branches.  "This is so pretty," Theodore thought to himself, "I am sure I will enjoy visiting here for a few days."


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