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146. Arriving at the Park

The bus arrived at the Mountain Park and drove to the Rest Camp.  Theodore picked up his cane and back pack and got off the bus with all the other passengers.  He looked around and wondered where he would find Earth Bear.  "Ah, I will ask over there at that office. The sign above the door  says Reception."  Theodore walked across the parking lot and into the building.  It was all made of logs and looked just right for a nature park.  Once inside Theodore went up to the counter.  "Good day, Lady, I am looking for your ranger, Mr Earth Bear.  Can you please tell me where he is?"   The lady looked at a piece of paper lying on her desk and replied, "He is off duty now so should be at his cabin.  It is Number Two and very easy to find.  Just go out this door, turn left and walk along the path.  All the Rangers' cabins are there in one long row."  "Thank you, Ma'am," said Theodore and he went out to follow the lady's instructions how to reach Cabin Number Two.


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