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139. Angela Bear's Suitcase

Theodore almost thought he saw the blonde bear blush as she hugged the little blue Teddy Bear before giving it back.  "Oh, Bobby," she said shyly, "you are teasing me again just because I am so far away from home.  Yes, my name is Angela Bear and I came from a far country to visit a friend. I was traveling around sight-seeing afterwards and now I am also working for Dr Storke.  I wear this bright pink sash and deliver messages about little girls.  Today I have three gifts to give away."  Angela opened the small suitcase that was standing on the grass next to her.  "See, this lovely little dress with pink rosebuds embroidered across the front.  Here is a fine white jersey with pink rabbits on the buttons and look at these."  She held up dainty snow white satin slippers with a pearl on the front.  "I love giving them away and seeing the happy smiles they bring on people's faces."


Finding Charm said...

How cute and what a neat job for Angela to have!

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