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147. The Path

Theodore Bear was following the directions along the path to the Rangers' cabins, swinging his cane as he walked along.  The path was covered with a thick layer of damp leaves and he felt as if he was walking on a carpet.  Birds were flitting from tree to tree and others were perched on the branches twittering happily.  "This is all so relaxing," Theodore thought to himself and started counting the numbers on the cabins, "Nine, Eight, Seven. . . Number Two must be around the corner near the end of the row."  The cabins were all built of logs, blending wonderfully into the surroundings and all looked alike.  "Number Two," Theodore read, "that must be where Earth Bear lives.  Hmm, he has a hammock strung between two veranda posts, but I wonder where he is.  The front door is wide open but I do not see him anywhere," and he walked onto the front step.


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