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15. Merlena's Guests

A happy buzz of voices met Merlena Bear as she entered the living room with Ferdinand and Theodore.  Merlena linked arms with them and took them across to a group of her friends. "Hi, everyone," she said, "meet Ferdinand, my cousin, and Theodore, his friend." And Merlena introduced her guests one by one.  "I will start with the ladies," she smiled and turned to a petite little bear who also wore a lovely pink bow.  "Meet Jenny Bear.  She is just visiting here for a while."  Ferdinand and Theodore bowed politely and said, "Pleased to meet you, Jenny Bear."  Standing next to Jenny was a sophisticated lady dressed in a fashionable costume.  "This is Cassandra Bear.  She is from  a very big city and she is wearing her favourite colours tonight – purple and pink.  Don't you think she looks beautiful?" said Merlena.  Ferdinand and Theodore bowed again and respectfully said, "Good evening, Ma'am."


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