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17. Getting to know each other

Merlena looked up at her friend and said, "This is Frederick Bear and he comes from way up north where it gets very cold in winter. That is why he wears a smart red suit to keep himself warm.  Frederick, meet Ferdinand and Theodore."   The bear standing next to Frederick laughed when Merlena said, " And now meet Oscar Bear, he lives where it is very hot and humid so he prefers a blue suit as that is a cool color."   "Pleased to meet you both," said Ferdinand and Theodore as they shook paws with each other and exchanged greetings.  They were all so happy to meet Merlena's friends.   Meanwhile two bears were standing quietly next to Frederick Bear.     "Frederick, would you please tell us your friends names," said Merlena Bear.  Frederick moved in between the bears and looked at each one.  Then he spoke.


Finding Charm said...

I'm with Oscar. Here in my part of the Midwest get super hot and humid. I wish I had a cool blue suit to put on for myself.

TG Bears said...

Yes it would help here in AZ too - maybe!

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