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22. Happy Birthday

Hernando Bear made himself comfortable and told Theodore and Ferdinand all about his home in Europe and his flight on the big airplane to visit Merlena.   They were fascinated and eventually Theodore Bear spoke.  "Thank you, Hernando, now I understand why the man on the radio advised everyone to travel and see the world.  Maybe one day I will go to Europe and visit you."  "You will be very welcome," said Hernando, "but now it is time for us all to sing to Merlena and then play some games."   All the guests at the party stood up to sing "Happy Birthday, dear Merlena, Happy Birthday to you" and their deep voices blended together in wonderful harmony.  Merlena smiled and bowed, clapped her paws happily and blew many kisses to thank everyone.  Then the tables and chairs were moved aside and the fun began.


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