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16. More Introductions

After a while Merlena Bear came over and said, "I am sorry to interrupt as you seem to be getting along just fine but I would like to introduce Ferdinand and Theodore to two special guests here tonight.  Would you excuse us, please?" and she slipped a paw under each one's arm again.  They made their way over to some chairs near the door.   Two of the guests stood up as if they were waiting for the introduction.  "This is George Bear and this is Jeffrey Bear and they are specially wearing their patriotic suits tonight in preparation for the upcoming holiday," said Merlena as she turned to speak to them,  "Meet Ferdinand and Theodore."  They all smiled and shook paws and while chatting George and Jeffrey were delighted to show off their little flags that they had brought with them.  Merlena moved around the group and put her paw on a tall bear's shoulder.


Finding Charm said...

I love their suits. Very festive indeed.

TG Bears said...

Thank you!

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