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21. The Party

The room looked so attractive with pink streamers across the ceiling and a long table full of good things to eat.  A big birthday cake stood in the centre but there was only one fat candle on it so no one could guess how old Merlena is.  Large jugs of honey cooldrink were placed on a side table and  everyone was invited to help themselves when they were thirsty.  Soon Merlena came across with a tall, dark, handsome bear wearing a bright yellow bow .  "Theodore, I would like you to meet my brother, Hernando Bear.  He has come all the way from Europe to celebrate my birthday with me.  I am such a lucky girl," she said.  "How do you do, Hernando," said Theodore, "It is wonderful that you can be here too.  Look at the happy smile Merlena has."   Theodore pulled up another chair for Hernando to join him and Ferdinand so they could hear all about Europe.


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