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19. A Long way from Home

Then Frederick Bear looked to his left at the bear with a bright blue bow, held up his paw and told the guests, "This is Cindy's friend who also prefers ice and snow to the tropics but he comes from another country and does not speak much English.  His name is Knut, spelt K-n-u-t.  And yes, you do say the K in front – like this, K-noot.  So please talk to him slowly so that he can understand you."  Knut also said, "Hallo" and waved his paw.  Ferdinand and Theodore shook paws with Knut a long time to be sure he knew they were pleased to meet him. "Hello, Knut," they said, "welcome, welcome."  All the bears chatted together.    Ferdinand and Theodore were asked where they came from and if they had seen much of the city yet.  They heard where all the other bears came from and what they did every day and soon they all felt as if they had known each other all their lives.


Finding Charm said...

Is Knut named after the late German Knut? Cool.

TG Bears said...

Knut just seemed like the perfect name for the white bear when he got his blue bow. :-)

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