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23. Fun and Games

Hernando Bear, Merlena Bear's brother, was the Master- of-Ceremonies at her birthday party and he organised many games for the guests to play.  Musical chairs was a favorite and Theodore Bear was  given a round of applause when he was the winner of that game.   "Now we need a handkerchief for the next game," announced Hernando and Theodore quickly took the red spotted one out of his rucksack.  "That is perfect," said Hernando and started the game by running around the big circle of guests until he dropped the handkerchief behind someone's back.  How everyone laughed when Merlena was not watching carefully and did not see the handkie behind her.  She had to sit in the middle of the circle until the next guest was caught dozing!  Later on they played some guessing games and later still settled down to sing together.  One of the guests had a banjo and soon they were happily tapping their feet and clapping their paws in time to the music.


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These bears just keep going!

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