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24. All Good Things come to an End

Just before midnight when the day would close on Merlena Bear's birthday, Hernando Bear called, "Last  song" and everyone linked arms and sang "Auld Lang Syne" to end the evening.  Merlena clapped and bowed. "A very big Thank You to you all for coming and being here to celebrate my birthday with me.  I have  enjoyed it so much," she said.  The guests thanked Merlena for a lovely party and one by one they left.  Ferdinand and Theodore helped Merlena and Hernando take down the streamers and tidy up.  They pushed the furniture back into the correct places and soon all the work was done.  "Many hands make light work," said Ferdinand wisely.  Now it was bedtime.  Merlena put a pillow and a blanket on the big sofa for Theodore and soon the house was in darkness and they were all sound asleep after such an exciting day.


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