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87. A quiet Day

Theodore Bear and Frederick Bear slept later the next morning and the sun was quite high before they stirred.  Theodore went to the window as he usually did first thing in the morning and moved the curtain to one side to be able to peep out.  Another lovely day and a little robin was sitting on the letter box singing cheerfully.  Soon Frederick was up too and they got breakfast ready.  Sitting at the table sipping their fruit tea afterwards, Frederick sighed and said wistfully, "I still can hardly believe that you and I had such fun playing the drums with those musicians last night and something tells me that this morning they will hardly believe it either!"  "Ha, ha," said Theodore, "yes, that was fun and I think everybody else enjoyed it as much as we did."  Then Frederick smiled and said, "I propose it will be a quiet day for us today and we will just slip out for a short while to make some arrangements.  I want to organise a surprise for you."


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