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80. Downtown after Dark

"Well, I would never have imagined it like this," said Theodore Bear and Frederick laughed at the surprised expression on his friend's face. "Just look at all those millions of colored lights," Theodore continued as if talking to himself, "some are flashing and some look as if they are running round and round.  The signs are all bright colors, red and green and blue like my bows and there are trees growing in big painted pots with geraniums trailing over the sides. Tables and chairs are set out in front of the caf├ęs and everyone seems to be so happy and enjoying themselves.  Over here a band is playing, further along a violinist is wandering from table to table serenading the patrons and opposite two guitar players are strumming in harmony.  There is a drummer beating out different rhythms on his set of tom-toms and oh my, so many things to see that I hardly know what to watch first."


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