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79. The Evening Plan

Theodore and Frederick walked home and relaxed over a steaming mug of blackberry tea before having their supper.  Theodore said, "That was a wonderful time in the museum, Frederick, and I will certainly visit some more on my travels.  I learned a lot about this area."  "Yes" answered Frederick, "the staff have worked hard to display everything so well.  Would you like to go downtown again this evening?  We could walk around some of the street cafés and listen to the music."  "Oh, that should be good fun," said Theodore "I like listening to music too."  And off they went.  The air was crisp and fresh and there was much less traffic on the streets.  Soon they came to  a pedestrian mall where no cars were allowed and Theodore stopped to just watch for while.  Frederick smiled and said, "Yes, this is what happens here after dark."


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Sounds like so much fun at the mall.

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