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88. The Brochure

After supper that evening Frederick Bear was looking at the brochure on the table and Theodore was sitting next to him watching too.  "I have lived here for so long and I have always wanted to go to this Nature Reserve," said Frederick Bear, "but have still not been.  I think this is a good time to go and take you with so you can enjoy it too.  Look at these lovely pictures of all there is to see.  Mountains and lakes and trees and, if we are lucky, animals too."   And he turned the brochure so Theodore could see it better.  "I am sure it will be a wonderful trip," Theodore replied, "I notice here we will be able to do a short walk too.  Maybe we can see a moose as I have never seen one before."  "The bus driver will probably point out the best places to go," Frederick suggested, "he will have been there often before.  I hope it will be a very successful day for us."


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