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77. Blue Sky and Sunshine

The next morning Theodore Bear opened his eyes and stretched.  Then he jumped up to look out of the window.  The sun was peeping out behind the mountain and shining onto the brilliant white snow covering the peaks.  "That is lovely," he thought, "and with blue sky and sunshine it will be a good day."  Frederick Bear was soon up too and he suggested to Theodore that they take a walk to see the sights of the city.  "Good idea," Theodore agreed and after breakfast they left.  Theodore wore his red bow to match Frederick's suit and they looked very smart walking along together.  They strolled down the main street to see the skyscrapers and all the shops and restaurants, ambled along the river pathway and crossed the impressive arched bridge.  Theodore enjoyed the older suburbs with the restored houses and marvelled at the view from the top of the tower at the City Hall.  "Lunch time now," said Frederick, "let's walk over to the park and rest while we eat the fruit I brought with. Then I have something else to show you."


Anonymous said...

What a fun morning. Wonder what else these two will get up to together

TG Bears said...

Just keep reading to find out :-)

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