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78. Look and Learn

Theodore Bear wondered what Frederick wanted to show him after their fruit lunch.  They made sure that all the peels were in the trash bin and then Frederick said, "I thought you might like to see our museum.  It is a very good one and there is so much to look at."  "That would be interesting," replied Theodore, "I have not been to a really big museum before," and they walked across to a tall grey building.  Theodore was fascinated by the collections of gems from the area, the displays of animal habitats and the cultures of the local peoples. He and Frederick read the information labels and looked at all the old photographs.  Best of all they enjoyed the section for the children where they could touch and feel the exhibits and watch wonderful nature films.  Suddenly Frederick Bear said, "The day has flown by and it is almost closing time so we will have to leave now. Let's go home for supper and then I have an idea what we can do this evening."


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