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82. The First Music Note

Theodore Bear was not too sure about the idea that he should play the violin but he took it from the man and wedged it under his chin as he had seen. His paws were not very comfortable holding the instrument either but he gripped the bow and drew it slowly across the strings.  But Oh No!  It made a terrible sound and not anything like the sweet tones he had just heard.  Theodore felt so silly when everybody laughed and he hoped his face was not as red as his bow. The violin man shook his head,  smiled a little and took the violin that Theodore was holding out to him, back.  "No, I don't think this is the correct music for you but I know what you should be able to play very well.  Come with me to meet my friend over there and I am sure he will let you play with him."  Theodore and Frederick followed the man to see where he would take them.


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